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    AOG MMI "graduation"

    Advance planning in progress: Do any prior MMI parents recall when they were able to pick their MMI kids up in May and bring them home? Is it after "SAP Convocation" or "Graduation and Commissioning"? I am hoping to secure a hotel. Thanks in advance. (of course I can give MMI a call in the...
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    Core Courses for Youngster Year

    I realize Mids get to start on courses for their major, but I was wondering what are the common courses they all need to take in their second year (w/ the assumption that these classes were not validated). I believe they take physics, but I'm not sure what else...
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    Question for Larry Mullen

    Hi Larry, This summer my son is going to apply to USCGA, USMA and AROTC and we know he'll be DQd. In the past has it been more likely to get a waiver for astigmatism from USCGA or USMA? Thanks in advance for all the help you provide the members of this forum. -Seeking Knowledge
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    Voluntary Summer School for MIDS

    What kind of "free" time does a MID have during voluntary summer school? Can they leave the Yard after classes during the week? Can they do overnights over the weekend? I'm guessing they still have to stand watch? Any info would be appreciated. : )
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    Question for Objee re: new AIM Deadline

    Objee, My son told me about the new AIM deadline. Does that mean none of the applications will be looked at until the new deadline? or will you start to look @ them on 4/1 and continue til the new deadline?
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    Loa received

    Daughter received an LOA today. Much excitement in the house!
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    SLS and the interview

    At what point during the week does the interview occur? What should you expect other then the anticipated 'why do you want to come to West Point?', 'why should WP choose you?', 'do you have any questions?'
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    NASS and evening hours

    Is there any time @ NASS in the evening to study for upcoming finals? Notwithstanding the exhaustion factor...
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    SLS and evening hours

    For those who have done SLS in prior years, is there any time to study in the evenings? Finals will occur after SLS. Would you recommend bringing books to study in the evening or is having study time unrealistic? Thanks.
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    Daughter is a junior and beginning the process. She was seen as a young teen for slight scoliosis, 14% I believe, the degree just inside the 'watch' catagory for her doctor. Recheck a year later 11%. Have not been back for a few years to this doctor. It has never been an issue for her/no...
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    Yet Another Objee Question

    Objee, Do you have any buddies @ the Naval Academy Admissions Office who might be willing to post on the Naval Academy thread the types of updates that you post here on the Coast Guard thread? The folks here are SO lucky to have you!
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    NASS: First Day Check-in Time

    Does anyone know what time of day the kids need to arrive for the first day of NASS? Thanks.
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    Due Dates

    Is there a single due date to respond if you are accepting an appointment or does the date vary based on when you receive the appointment letter?
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    Years in Navy after graduating from the Naval Academy

    Just curious...After graduating from the Naval Academy approx what percent of graduates stay in the Navy/Marines for the minimum time requirement? vs. stay for 20 years? vs. stay for 30 years? Are there statistics out there for this? I was asked this question from a relative and realized I'd...
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    Lack of Varsity Letter

    Hi all, My Junior is starting on the service academy journey. She is a very good student in a magnet school that had competitive entrance admissions and where all classes are taught at the honors level. The school does not rank students nor weight grades. She holds an officer position in...