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    Marion Military Parent's Weekend: A hint

    Trust me when I say: stay in Tuscaloosa. In 2 years, we were always disappointed with Selma. No offense to anyone living there, but it is very depressed and hotels are sub par and there is no place to eat. Tuscaloosa is worth the drive.
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    Prep Graduation

    Was your son not given a timely answer and then given his appt right before graduation or was he waitlisted or told no? Just checking because self preppers at MMI did not fair well this year.
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    Self Prep - Generally Worthwhile or Chasing Shadows?

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Self sponsors did not fair well at MMI this year.
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    Prep School or College?

    Can I ask what you mean by "Also, MMI and NMMI are just military community colleges, so academically there is no advantage." The local college for DS that was his Plan B but has now become his only choice due to no appointment offer is a HUGE university. It is so big, he will never be able to...
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    Thank you! Private message sent!
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    I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your reply. We had no idea about the AUP and by God's good grace, his Plan B is one of the 20 in the country. I got to watch the light come back in his eyes yesterday afternoon when I told him about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been...
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    My DS was denied admission and is having s hard time coming around to the Plan B school. Has anyone else contemplated a different career path into the Coast Guard? He is extremely bright and motivated to lead.
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    DoDMERB Medical Exam

    Did you trying logging into DODMETS? DS never got email, he was just already in the system. He applied about the same timing for a similar reason.
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    Dodmerb for USCGA

    Has anyone who applied end of December/early January received a DODMERB email?
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    Dodmerb for USCGA

    Can someone please explain how the medical exam works with regular admissions? DS submitted his application last week.
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    Pros to applying early?

    Can someone refresh my memory on the average PFE for the class of 2020?
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    Waiver Timeframe?

    5day and Falcon A thank you for the responses and insight!
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    Waiver Timeframe?

    Opinion needed: My son is scheduled for elective middle ear surgery and I thought we would definitely be on the path for a waiver. According to this list it is a disqualifying issue, does that mean a waiver wouldn't be attainable? Also, because this is in his medical records is he now screwed...
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    AIM Application

    DS got notification today that he did not get a spot in AIM off the wait list. Time to move forward on his application process.
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    AIM Application

    Nothing here either
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    AIM Waitlist

    We are wondering the same.
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    AIM Application

    Also, will they invite to Cadet for a Day or does he still have to apply seperately?
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    AIM Application

    So, wait listed means you met the criteria, just not lucky enough for the lottery of spots, right?