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    Suggestions for type of boots

    Can they wear insoles in their boots?
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    USMA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    1. TriService2017 DD/ September 16, 2015/Presidential/ PA-04 (Scholar Athlete) 2. ClimberGirl/LOA September/Appt Jan 21, 2016/MOC/OH-12 3. FLboy/LOA Sept/Appt Oct 21, 2015/Rotc nom/FL-6 4. Chris Abbott/ DS / AOG Scholar Marion Civil Prep / Appt Jan 21, 2016 / MOC / FL-16 5. brovol/DS January/...
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    Anyone from Missouri?

    DS received and accepted his appointment 3/26/16. District #7 No call just portal update.
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    Anyone from Missouri?

    My DS received nominations from both Senators and 1 from Congressman from District 7. Still waiting to hear if it will result in an appointment.