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    Netfocus Question (NRTOC MO)

    My DS went to log into his Netfocus account and needed to register again because his portal had been inactive for 45 days. He did not make the 1st round selection and recently had his interview for the 2nd round. Previously, his portal said "Your application is at the ...for board selection"...
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    Nomination Ceremony Question...

    My DS received a Congressional Nomination and recently received an invitation to a Service Academy Nomination Ceremony. According to the invite, the kids who received nominations will be recognized and given a certificate for their achievement as well as have opportunities to meet our...
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    NROTC Marine Option...anyone?

    I've seen a few...very on NROTC MO Scholarships. Has anyone received the good news?
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    The Citadel...Class of 2021

    This afternoon my DS received his acceptance letter for Fall 2017! He's beyond excited since this was his only choice for a SMC. Now praying for the Marine Option NROTC scholarship! Thank you Glen for all the advice!
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    ROTC Marine Option

    Anyone at Auburn University on an ROTC scholarship? If so please comment on your experience. My son is completing his NROTC Marine Option application and he is at the spot where he has to list his 5 schools. He's chosen a few SMC's that seem to be a good fit, a state university, and is...
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    How long for portal to open?

    Hi everyone, my DS submitted his preliminary application and had his SAT scores sent about 3 weeks ago. According to the website it says that applicants will be notified by mail when their portal is open. Does anyone have any idea how long that takes? He called admissions and they said they did...
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    CVW...48 hrs. In Annapolis!

    Hi Everyone, My DS will be attending CVW on Thursday and I have a few questions. Any suggestions on what to bring his Plebe? Any additional packing suggestions? My husband and I are looking forward to all of the parent seminars that will take place. Any dinner recommendations? We're only in...