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  1. sophieee

    Sponsor Program

    Hi, It would be great if anyone who has knowledge regarding the sponsor program and the class of 23 could give me some advices. I was filling out my sponsor questionnaire and realized that I could choose to have a sponsor family or not. From reading different posts, my understanding is that I...
  2. sophieee


    Hi, My parents are having a hard time managing to come to I-day because they just started a small business. They are trying their best to make it, but they are not sure if both of them can come depending on the time they can leave. In the schedule for I-day, it said that the end time is: "1915...
  3. sophieee

    Fall Semester Grades

    Hi, I've heard about candidates who had to send in fall semester grades, but does people who got in get asked for fall semester grades? I was asked to send in fall semester grades despite already accepting my appointment, and I'm not sure if I should be concerned to get this message.
  4. sophieee

    Small Question

    This has been lingering my mind for almost a year so I thought I'd ask in this forum. Last summer, I went to NASS and in the airport (the one in my state not baltimore), I saw a huge group of plebes wearing working whites (I believe that's what the uniform is called), and the day of the 1st day...
  5. sophieee

    Thank you all!

    I finally got a portal update on my application and I wanted to thank all of you for helping me get here. I had so much questions regarding both DODMERB and application for USNA and this forum has been a great help:)
  6. sophieee

    AP class

    Hi, I have a LOA and I recently got my waiver and now I'm waiting for my portal update. I'm currently taking AP Calc BC and I've been struggling very hard as I moved on from calc B to C. I've never felt so lost and I feel terrible. I also don't want to risk getting possibly a D in the class and...
  7. sophieee

    Mr. Larry Mullen

    Hi, I found a discussion from 2008 talking about Mr. Larry Mullen. Does anyone know if he still answers questions? I didn't want to just email him not knowing if he still works in DODMERB because I emailed a lady that the DODMERB website showed me, and she was not very happy that I was emailing...
  8. sophieee

    LOA questions

    Hi, I just recieved a LOA and I wanted to clarify some things. From reading other posts, I know that people who don't get a LOA can get appointed and people who receive LOA might not get appointed. So what is an approximate percentage of applicants who get LOA will get appointments? My second...
  9. sophieee

    DODMERB down?

    Hi, I check my DODMERB status everyday because I just completed my remedial. Today, I wasnt able to get on it so I was wondering if that's just me. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  10. sophieee

    Medical dq

    Hi, I got disqualified for miosis from DODMERB a while ago. Then recently, I got a call from USMA officer that the doctors at USMA also disqualified me. I was totally bummed, and during the rest of the time I couldn't concentrate on what the officer was saying except for hearing the word final...
  11. sophieee


    Hi, I had my first cfa in the usna summer seminar and today I retook the test. One thing I found odd was the hand position for the flexed arm hang. In the summer seminar, they made me hold the bar with fingers towards me. However, when I was doing the test with my gym teacher for westpoint...
  12. sophieee


    Hi, I recently visited my DODMERB portal and found out that I was disqualified for myopia (which I expected). What I saw after that really confused me. I'm applying for USNA, USMA, and USAFA. For USMA and USAFA, they said, "current medical status: pending waiver submission/preview" but for USNA...
  13. sophieee

    Congressional Interview

    Hi, I have my congressional interview tomorrow and I had some questions that I couldn't find in the other threads. First of all, would it be better for me to memorize this word by word: Midshipmen are persons of integrity: They stand for that which is right. They tell the truth and ensure that...
  14. sophieee

    Blue and Gold Officer Interview

    Hello, I had my interview on September 26th, and my BGO hasn't tuned in a report for me. Does it usually take that long? If not, what should I do?
  15. sophieee

    USNA Admissions

    Hi, I’m new here:) I’m applying for USNA for class of 2023. My ACT score just came out and I wasn’t sure if I should send my ACT or SAT score. ACT SUPERSCORED: English:34 Math:30 Reading:30 Science:33 SAT: Reading: 680 Math: 740 I know that this isn’t the best score and I could take another...