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    "Beat the Beast" postcards

    Reaching out to USAFA Class of 2021 parents not on Facebook...a postcard campaign is in the works to congratulate our Basics on finishing BCT. If you want your DD/DS to receive a wave of well wishes next week provide their (1) name (2) BCT squadron (3) P.O. Box #.
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    Parents Weekend

    The tip to have your cadet drive to the this for just 3 degrees +? Correct that 4 degrees aren't allowed to drive?
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    Amount Of Candidates Left

    TWE here in VA-08. Presidential and Congressional noms. Portal status changed late Friday night. Rooting for you 'thenextTopGun'! And for everyone else still in CPR too! DD will head to USAFA instead, proud to serve!
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    Amount Of Candidates Left

    VA-08 still CPR too!
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    Same story here...DD was not accepted to the USAFA Summer Seminar and now has an appointment to join the class of 2021. All is not lost :) Advice to next year's applicants: Finish your application ASAP. Ask for teacher recommendations at the end of junior year. Write those essays over the...
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    Unable to sign into portal

    Same problem here
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    Who else is still CPR?

    DD is CPR too. Thanks OP, nice to know we're in good company.
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    34. 2021mama/DD/No LOA/Appt. Jan 17, 2017/VA-08/Congressional
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    VA Appointments

    We're in VA-8; DD is still waiting to hear regarding her appointment. What VA district are you in?
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    Virginia MOC Nomination Updates -SAs Class of 2021

    DD received a nomination from Beyer (8th district) for USAFA and USNA. Negatives from Kaine and Warner. Good luck all!