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    NJROTC Question

    There is the problem. The cadets make the unit. If there are not enough motivated cadets, the unit cannot be successful. There are three options (1) motivate the current cadets, (2) recruit more cadets, (3) disband the unit or quit. I would imagine that until a unit reaches a certain size...

    College Programmer

    Go to the unit’s web site. It will have the application and contact info. Arrange a visit and speak to the cadre

    NJROTC Question

    That kind of drama makes for a bad unit. DS is a sophomore in the current defending NJROTC National Champion in academic, athletic and drill competition at Pensacola. So I can tell you how a model unit should run. The cadets should run the unit under strict guidance from the naval science...

    NROTC instructor problem

    NSI also stands for naval science instructor, which is the primary focus of this thread. And, of course, the Navy wants engineers to run complex ships. That’s what I said. But they do not also need to be Olympic athletes

    NROTC instructor problem

    An interesting discussion. Physical fitness is important. But the next war can be avoided by diplomacy. And if it can not, the naval war will be won by the nation wealthy enough to build the largest number of missiles and hulls and who is best at cyber warfare. Engineering nerds and...

    AROTC Received Campus Based 3-Year AD out of nowhere

    Congrats!! I wonder if NROTC units ever do that?

    Confusing scholarship emails from schools to NROTC candidates

    The NROTC prep scholarship is offered by a limited number of schools. It is an entirely separate application from the regular NROTC scholarship application, not like USNA which awards NAPS scholarships to some students who apply to USNA and who do not receive appointments...

    Confusing scholarship emails from schools to NROTC candidates

    That would be my guess. I have heard of kids in my DS's high school who did hear from boards and get awarded scholarships, who then got offers of free room and board from schools to which they did not even apply.

    sea cadets and cap

    I guess part of it comes down to depth vs. breadth. You can be involved in large number of ECA's/Sports in a shallow way or a few in a deep way. My personal belief is that a big part of how much you commit and to what you commit to, is a based on what you like and what gives you satisfaction...

    How are the communal bathrooms in USAFA?

    Me too with coed dorms in the '70's. Then, in the frat house, the toilets had no stalls (like in Full Metal Jacket) and the showers were six nozzles in one shower stall. Deal with it. I also say suck it up buttercup.

    AP Credits during ROTC

    Extra time in college is a beautiful thing. I took some summer classes, one at a time. It was cake. And it lightened my load. If AP classes can lighten the load down the road, it is a beautiful thing.

    AP Credits during ROTC

    I am wondering the same. My DS will have 6 AP classes by junior year in High School, maybe 8-10 by senior year. I don't expect that it will necessarily help him graduate early from NROTC, but it might make his load easier. He will have more time to study to make sure he passes calculus and...

    Coast Guard DCSS - How Does it Work?

    I would like to find out more about this program. The Coast Guard web site says: "College graduates who have been exposed to military training through collegiate-level Armed Services Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs, equivalent regimented programs at select colleges (enumerated...

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    As I sat eating my bacon yesterday morning at Cracker Barrel, I became self conscious about eating the bacon with my fingers. So, I looking around the large dining area and saw others doing the same thing. Doesn't everybody? Is there anyone who would use a fork to eat a strip of bacon?

    Favorite books about naval history/navy life?

    I am in the middle of "Neptune's Inferno" about the USN in the Solomons Campaign. Something like five sailors died at sea for every one Marine who died ashore. Very interesting history and insights into the different commanders' leadership styles.

    Fly Fishing

    Yes. Fly fishing, not tying.

    Plan B-M

    Congrats. I am pretty sure the NROTC scholarship can be turned down at any time before he starts school. As far as reserving a spot at Norwich, there have been many posts about the ethics of accepting offers from schools, paying a deposit and then withdrawing. The most ethical thing to do...

    Being Realistic - Plan C Now Plan A

    Thank you Captain. I never even heard of NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps.

    Being Realistic - Plan C Now Plan A

    I hear you. They will all wake up one day. Just hope not too late. My DS is eligible to get his driver's license the end of March. We told him "no driver's license unless you make -- and stay on - - honor roll. He is more than capable. He says he has straight A's so far this quarter. We...