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  1. Wahoo Fan

    S/O Monetary value of USMA and ROTC scholarships

    I know this has been asked before, but we can’t seem to come up with a good answer. High school counselor needs to know the value of ds’s scholarships. What do you think? USMA: $225,000? $250,000? AROTC: Four years of tuition and fees of the assigned college Plus stipend $4,200 Plus books...
  2. Wahoo Fan

    R-Day 2021 Tips

    Any tips for getting ready for R-Day would be greatly appreciated! DS just got news of his appointment about 10 days ago and accepted. He is working through the new checklist on the portal. One of our friends who serves in the Army offered to take him to the local uniform store to try on boots...
  3. Wahoo Fan

    Question about USMA Height and Weight Requirements

    Does anyone have a link to the current USMA height and weight requirements? DS has very little body fat, but he has a lot of muscle (from weight lifting). He is in great physical condition, all muscle, runs track, etc, but he may be over the limit for weight, I think. I have seen a couple...
  4. Wahoo Fan

    Question about the Marines from a Mom

    My son recently received a phone call that he will receive an NROTC—MO scholarship. We are very excited for him. His first choice would be to attend USNA if that application works out, but ROTC would also be a fine option, especially since his first choice is to be a Marine. As I have no...
  5. Wahoo Fan

    4-year AROTC Scholarship Question

    My son just won a 4-year AROTC scholarship. The instructions say for him to complete the APFT by 15 December 2020. We are a bit perplexed by this. Does he really need to take another physical fitness test now? Or maybe— It looks like the instructions may not have been updated. Perhaps they have...