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    Cadets instructed by USAFA leadership not to use words like "Mom" and "Dad"

    Hi there, From my cadet who was there, and who clearly remembers this slide and the context in which it was presented - people are "blowing this way out of proportion." No one is asking anyone to stop saying Mom and Dad. It's a reminder that, when you don't know another's circumstances, more...
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    Math Placement Test

    @DestroyerOfCommies DD placed into calc 3 last Fall based on testing only. She did not submit AP scores. She did have good math teachers in HS. They do administer additional tests during BCT. As of last Fall, her calc 3 class was indeed all 4 degs, but I don't know if it was an honors class...
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    Advice for class of 26 parents

    You will receive information about your state parents' group if you appointee signs the waiver in the appointment packet. USAFA won't release cadet names to the state groups unless your cadet allows them to. If you don't hear from your state group, this might be the reason - but parents can...
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    Packing a bag for Academic Semester

    As you said, squadron dependent.
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    Packing a bag for Academic Semester

    Oh one more thing. Since DD was so concerned about the amount of time that she would have to put everything away, we took those square canvas storage bins that they put on their shelves (they are heavy, order for pickup somewhere local). They fold out quickly, and we made sure that everything...
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    Packing a bag for Academic Semester

    There is very little time you are able to spend together, and you have to get their stuff to their room within that small window of time. Chick Fil A opened early on A-day and we brought that with us and ate in the car. We put items in a rolling suitcase and Ikea carry bags, which my husband...
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    Advice for class of 26 parents

    I found our state Parents' Club to be a tremendous resource with great advice during Basic and beyond. Please consider joining your state club - and remember that your state club can't contact you unless your cadet fills out the release form in the appointee packet. Many appointees don't...
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    Quick Question - Washington DC

    Congratulations! Very happy for you!
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    How easy is it to gain weight during BCT?

    My DD (who also lost weight during BCT) told me that one of the things she was not prepared for was the short amount of time they gave her to eat. So if you are used to leisurely eating, perhaps practice eating within 10 min.
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    Best Things to Do & Places to Eat in Colorado Springs?

    We enjoyed tapas here
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    USAFA Vaccination

    My '25 DD was vaccinated at a young age. We submitted the titer, after which we got an email telling us that we should re-submit without the titer information but with the childhood vaccine information. So I would definitely ask and see if you can get clarification.
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    My Reason Why

    I wanted to refrain, but there is something about MichaelT2022 that draws advice from SAF members like moths to a flame. The Most Interesting Man In The World would probably say "I don't always check SAF, but when I do, I like to give MichaelT2022 advice." OK here it is. Your father, your...
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    What are my chances???

    Here's another wrinkle about the Class of '25 and testing. I met a family whose doolie wasn't able to take any standardized tests due to Covid. My own doolie had only one opportunity - so no superscoring in some cases as well.
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    Boot recommendations

    DD ('25) wore Oakley boots in basic and by Thanksgiving they developed a hole in the uppers and were breaking down a bit around the sole. She just bought Danner Tanicus as replacements. She says they are very comfortable, a little heavier and more solid than the Tachyons. She also has a pair...
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    Exhausted Doolie Parent

    I second this advice. Our Parents' Club have volunteers that reach out to 4th class parents and act as their coaches and support. Super helpful. I've lost count of the number of tearful letters, phone calls and video calls I've received. Improvements are slow but they seem to be on their...
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    College Consultants

    For us, here were the considerations: 1. High school counselors, like any other professional, vary in quality and workload. 2. My children were at a point at which input from a third party would be more well-received than input from me. We did hire someone for our student whose HS counselor...
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    Did any cadet get hungry .....

    Update DD got an official weigh in this week, down 9 lbs. Seems like this weight loss is helping with PT, especially pull ups. Regarding the 10 minutes for meals, she states that she no longer feels the urge to eat after 10 minutes, and in fact feels the urge to stop eating after 10. She is...
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    Did any cadet get hungry .....

    One thing that we didn't practice here at home was how to bolt down less than appetizing food in 10 minutes or less. In the early days, DD may have been hungry. It's a work in progress.
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    USAFA squadrons

    How many squadrons do they usually move? Within +/- 5, 10, 15 or more? For example if you started in 10, could you end up in 40? I wonder how they do it.
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    Dimensions of the Trunk

    Thank you! Some are suggesting mattress toppers for doolies but not sure about that, or that it can be wrangled into the trunk if not allowed.