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    Feb Board MO Acceptance Notification

    I was informed Friday via phone call from my recruiter that I have received an NROTC MO scholarship! My portal status hasn't changed yet and I haven't received any official email, just going off of what my recruiter informed me. Hopefully you'll find out soon!
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    NROTC-MO Letter? Next Step?

    I received the call friday that i was awarded an MO scholarship as well, but I haven't received any email and my portal hasn't updated either. Just waiting until I receive more official info
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    Scholarship acceptance

    I was called Friday and informed I had received an MO scholarship but I haven't received any emails and my portal hasn't updated. Should I be concerned at all?
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    NROTC Scholarship Notification Dates?

    I got a call from my recruiter Friday afternoon informing me i had been awarded an MO scholarship. My NETFOCUS screen still says my application is at the Marine District for Board Selection and I haven't received any official info, just the call from my recruiter. Hope you find out soon