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    2025 Squadrons

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    I-Day transportation

    My son is traveling to COS alone on June 23. What is the best way for him to get from the airport to his hotel on 6/23, then from his hotel to the campus on 6/24? This anxious mom would love to fly with him, but it’s not in the budget if I want to see him over Parents’ Weekend.
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    He’s medically cleared for USAFA. He submitted waiver info as requested for USNA a month or so ago, but he hasn’t heard anything. He knows via Dodmerb that the info was received.
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    DS scored 1520 on the SAT's, GPA 4.7, and has a very strong resume with EC's and strong CFA scores. He's been granted a nom for both the USAFA and USNA, along with a LOA from USAFA and USCGA. However, USNA remains his first choice. He's heard nothing from USNA, though, so is an LOA at this point...
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    2025 State Nominations Thread

    DS received a nom for USAFA and USNA--he's very grateful!
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    2025 State Nominations Thread

    We’re in VA, and we haven’t heard from either Kaine or Warner. DS just received a call from Spanberger this afternoon with very good news!
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    DQ/Medical waiver for spondy

    DS is a strong candidate. Senior with a 4.6 GPA, Valedictorian, 1520 on SAT, Battalion Commander at his military high school, all honors/AP classes, but because of a mild spondy in November 2019, he received the medical DQ email. It said he may be eligible for a medical waiver. His spondy is...