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    SECNAV Nomination

    JoelBradford congratulations on your acceptance into NAPS! Might I ask if you have a Combat Deployment under your belt? I'm also an enlisted applicant and am wondering if deployments helps your package.
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    SECNAV Nomination

    ENavy, congrats on your appointment. I'm also a fleet applicant in the Marines right now. If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me your SAT score and gpa? just trying to measure myself right now. I also got the SECNAV nomination but still not word on an appointment. And did you get into NAPS or...
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    Enlisted Marine needing help with CO's recommendation and nomination

    Search up Active Duty applicants on the USNA website. In the Active duty section at the very bottom is a fleet applicant checklist. Attached to the checklist are sample formats for the SECNAV nomination request and the CO endorsement. You can fill out the SECNAV yourself, but the endorsement you...