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    Co2021 Wisdom teeth

    Hi I'm an appointee to the class of 2021. Would it still be possible for me to get my wisdom teeth out before I-day without medically disqualifying me? Thank in advance.
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    USMA vs. USNA

    My advice. Don't just think about the major that will set you up for grad school or whatever. Also think about the job opportunities there are in the army vs navy/marines. That's what helped me decide. And I'm going to Navy.
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    Change in Status

    It means congratulations!!
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    USNA Summer Seminar 2017

    I am in the same boat as nav21. Last year I applied just a day/hours (not sure which) before the deadline after I had already gotten into SLE (which I mentioned in my NASS personal statement). I did it just because I was trying to keep my options open and hadn't seriously considered USNA until...
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    LOA for USNA, Nomination for USAFA?

    Contact your congressman's office and ask. I was almost nominated for a different academy than USNA, even though I had an LOA too, and I just asked my congressman's office to switch it and they were able to.
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    Candidate Activities Record

    At the bottom there is a remarks section. You can use that to add whatever you wish. I also believe that there is a specific remarks box right under the sports section.
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    USNA Class of 2021 Appointments: 1) navyafgirl /(Self)/No LOA / Appt. Oct. 3, 2016 / Accepted ? / VA - POTUS / Presidential Nomination 2) Navymom2021/DS/No LOA/Appt. Oct.3, 2016/Accepted/VA - POTUS /Presidential Nomination 3) MCJROTC_is_cool/(Self)/No LOA/Appt. Oct. 3, 2016/Accepted/PA -...
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    Nominated or Not?

    You did receive the nomination. What you are thinking about is the slot that your MOC has. Each MOC is allotted 5 slots per academy at any given time. As long as you have a nomination though you can still be appointed from the NWL.
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    "Unique Life Experience" Info

    Capt MJ as always is spot on in my opinion. Keep in mind that you can write about all those things that you want to in the personal statement. If I remember correctly the unique life experience section is optional, so if you don't think anything you have is unique enough, leave it blank. I...
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    I got a nomination for a service academy that I did not apply to

    I was, but I think I was a special case given that it was a mistake rather than intentional.
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    I got a nomination for a service academy that I did not apply to

    Contact the office of the senator or congressman that nominated you and ask the person in charge of nominations about this. I had the same happen to me.
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    Chances of an appt or NAPS?

    At this point there is not much you can do about your stats. All you can do now is finish up the rest of your app and wait. That's not to say that you can't improve for next year in case you are denied though. In my opinion, your resume looks great. The biggest weakness I see are your test...
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    Which state or district are more competitive than others?

    Florida in general is very competitive for the Naval Academy. Just for the senatorial noms there are more than 500 people applying for just 10 of them depending on the year. But each district can vary widely. You can call in to your MOC's office to check on the competitiveness of your district.
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    How long to hear back from USNA

    Prepare yourself to not hear back until April. That is the date told to me by several admissions counselors as their final date to notify applicants. At least you'll be pleasantly surprised if you do hear before then.
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    DODMERB question

    They only want to know if you had to take medication for it. So only if it is really bad acne as nearly everyone has or had acne.
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    LOA Received This Morning

    I had most of my app completed by July but I didn't completely finish my part unil late Oct.
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    LOA Received This Morning

    Congrats!!! I got mine to Navy today as well. Now I gotta hope for the nomination.
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    USNA Turn Down --> NAPS?

    The OP was during the last admissions cycle.
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    VP Nom App ?

    That is not true. The VP Nom does have its own app and must be completed separately.
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    Using the NROTC scholarship right out of high school, am I able to go to an out of state college?

    Also the scholarship will most likely not get you into the school. You must be able to get in on your own merits.