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    Initial Strength Test

    But the actual initial physical test at the beginning of Plebe Summer will not count towards anyone's separation if they cannot pass it?
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    Plebe Packing List

    Should i take my electric razor/charger, toothbrush, and other toiletries or are they not allowed?
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    ptr packets

    Have you other class of 2019 appointees mailed in your ptr packet yet or are you still looking over some of the papers? I still have a couple to go through myself.
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    Physical readiness

    So I am at 10-12 pullups, 60ish pushups, 85 situps, and I run 3 miles everyday. Is my pull up count/other numbers too low for plebe summer, or will I be able to survive Plebe Summer with hard work?
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    2019 Permit to Report (PTR) Packages?

    I agree but man oh man when I saw all those papers my jaw dropped. This is going to take a lot of focus!!!
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    2019 Permit to Report (PTR) Packages?

    Emailed admissions asking if they got my papers. They said yeah and that the PTR packets will arrive within the next couple weeks.
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    Club sports

    I get that you usually only get a Black N if you do something really bad but I was always confused by the culture around, though amusing. Why does Navy treat it almost as a status symbol, why is it presented at night like some sort of secret group, why does everyone go nuts? Sorry for the...
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    Applying Question

    i remember last year for NASS they gave us the log in info either the last or second to last day of the camp.
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    Best Majors at USNA

    A good pick is always mech engineering as you can pretty much go anywhere with it. Higher level engineering , MBA, law school etc. Its a very versatile and sought after degree. Though you should only pick it if it's something you're interested in
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    2019 Permit to Report (PTR) Packages?

    Are any future class of 2019 plebes asking for a sponsor family?
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    Foreign travel

    I'm sorry for my question, I did not know so I asked. I guess I will not be attending. This is all I was curious about. Thank you all for your help and time!
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    Foreign travel

    If it helps it's about 4 days until Plebe parent weekend? I heard somewhere that if I ask early then they can run it through the leadership chain to see if i can get 1 day to go?
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    Foreign travel

    If I wanted to attend my cousins wedding over Plebe summer on August 8th what is the process I would have to go through? Do they let you go in civvies to airport?
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    Medical Issue- report or not

    It got to this after my dodmerb physical for all those wondering
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    Medical Issue- report or not

    Hello all, I talked to a few mods on the forum about this and decided to bring it to this thread by one of their suggestions. I have an appointment to usna class of 2019 and intend to go and graduate in that class. After my Dodmerb physical, i started having issues with my tmj, which caused...
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    Post commision

    For all the vets out there how was the process of finding a job as a service academy grad after finishing your commission? Do you believe it is slightly easier than someone who came out of a civilian university?
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    nonono do not get listen to zero and get lasik or prk beforehand that automatically disqualifies you! As long as you are correctable to 20/20 vision with glasses and there are no other complications you will not need a waiver.
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    Do I have a shot?

    The one thing you have to keep in mind throughout your application process is that only you can decide if you have a shot at an appointment. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how long you spent editing your essays, how early you got your bgo/alo interview in, and how proactive you are...
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    USAFA Cadet passes away

    Always very sad when i see these. All the classmates/family members must be feeling horrible. My thoughts and prayers with the family and friends.
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    Your son/daughter goes where???

    My parents got to use my college fund to help put my brother through law school (though he still has to pay half of it himself :P). It worked out for everyone in the end!!!