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    DD 2807-1 Report of Medical History completed 2015

    Sorry, I need the one my son completed and submitted; not an blank form.
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    DD 2807-1 Report of Medical History completed 2015

    Is there a way to get a copy of the DD 2807-1 form that would have been completed in 2015 for admission to USMA?
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    Breaking in boots and low quarters

    Do the boots need to be waterproofed?
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    2nd semester grades

    With only one benchmark test so far I would like to believe that it will not be more than 30% of his grade. I believe they will look at his final semester grade as reported on his report card. Just one parents opinion.
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    Words of wisdom to those applying for co2020

    There have been several cadet canidates notified they need to have their wisdom teeth removed before reporting for R day after submitting their dental x-rays to WP.
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    Congratulations! My DS's portal took about 5 days to update. He found out on a Thursday and it updated I believe the following Tuesday. His BFE didn't arrive until Wednesday (we had some heavy snow throughout the midwest and east coast at the time). It felt like time slowed to a crawl...
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    Per admission FB page 750 have accepted
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    Is SLE worth going to?

    My DS went to both USMA & USNA summer programs. He went to USNA's first and enjoyed it and wasn't sure how USMA could beat it and thought USNA would be his first choice. He had one day back and then headed off to USMA's program. That second week changed his mind and from that point on he...
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    Wisdom teeth

    Thanks, I did get through to WP Dental office and they confirmed the same.
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    Wisdom teeth

    In rereading the dental letter received last week it states "it is highly recommended that any wisdom teeth which are causing pain, partially erupted, determined to be too large for the jaws be removed at least 3 to 6 months prior to admission. ..." DS will be within this guideline.
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    Wisdom teeth

    My DS has an appointment to have his wisdom teeth removed this Friday. Does he need to get prior approval or report it? Should I cancel?
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    When does the second wave come out?

    It varies, my DS was called at 4:30 pm. if you miss the call most will leave a message asking that you return their call.
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    Class of 2019 "Things to Bring" Thread

    Anyone know if the extra socks, underwear or compression shorts that need to be all black or gray can have a logo or emblem on them?
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    West Point Rejection

    Use the search option and you will find a few discussions on suspensions.
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    The mail took longer to reach us than most , but BFE was received today! It was sent priority mail on the 29th.
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    We are hoping today; if not received by Saturday should my DS contact admissions? As previously stated he received a phone call from our MOC this past Thursday and his portal showed the offer of appointment late Friday night.
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    We are also waiting on my DS's BFE; portal updated late Friday. We really thought it would be here today.
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    Transcript Question?

    Below is the address my DS used for his transcript, just swap out the region.
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    R-Day Hotel?

    Thanks. I haven't decided which city we will fly into. But sounds like a car rental for the first part of our trip is the way to go and once we head into NYC we can return it.