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    Don't sweat it. It's speeding ticket. No big deal. Just don't make it a habit
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    USAFA Preparatory School offer!

    In prep school class of 2016 more than 80% who started received appointments. I've never had a classmate or anyone else say they regret attending the prep school. If USAFA #1 choice go to prep and it'll help you at the academy. Take it and good luck
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    Eye exam

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    Shocking Wear and Tear' at U.S. Air Force Bases

    AF6872 Thank god we don't do that old school stuff anymore
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    Voting and the Political Process at USAFA

    It's a non-event. People keep their opinions to themselves like they should.
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    Get one for personal leave overseas (xmas, spring break). Official travel you will be gtg with Mil ID card/orders
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    First F-35 "dropped" in UPT last night

    Amazing what you can pull of the internet. Everyone that I know who has flown the jet loves it! Let it go cga82.........
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    Hard to argue with the Congresswoman

    LG, you're guessing wrong. The argument is about cutting the A10 due to $$$ and needing the maintenance troops to man F35 squadrons as they come on line. If they say they are short of personnel it makes sense to get rid of bands, etc. And yes, you can convert A10 mechanics to F35 mechanics...
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    "he realized that most of the fun was during pilot training, vs the day to day routine of being a pilot" If you want to fly, go fly. Plenty of time to get a masters in the AF during your career. The REAL FUN begins once you get into your squadron and you're doing the AF mission.
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    Go to graduate school or UPT(JSUPT or ENJJPT)?

    If your primary goal is to Fly, go to UPT. Get your clock ticking as it gives you options if you want to punch out. You can get a masters on the side.
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    Promotion Gifts for O-3

    yeah, a nice bottle of high end scotch
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    Air Guard and AFROTC together?

    roge, I thought you meant something different.
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    General’s A-10 treason comment

    Good point LG
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    General’s A-10 treason comment

    Plenty of CAS experience and deployments
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    General’s A-10 treason comment

    Scout, it's always been under your profile page/information and I didn't change anything yesterday so don't know where you were looking. My apologies to all for appearing uncivil. However, why wouldn't one ask about ones background when someone is writing about CAS/F-35/ DODMERB / West Point...
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    General’s A-10 treason comment

    its in my profile. 87 usafa grad. F16 pilot
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    General’s A-10 treason comment

    nice Jcleppe
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    General’s A-10 treason comment

    Just wanted to know your background so everyone can see where you're coming from. It would seem like your expertise is from reading articles vice actually doing CAS as a FW or RW guy.... The F-22/15 are the air dominance fighters for the AF. You are correct in that the F-35 is a multi-role...