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    Cybersecurity at the Academy

    My son is a senior and has been on the cyber team all 4 years (is captain now). As BBQ-Devil mentioned, the USAFA team almost always performs better than the other academies and has done very well against elite private colleges. My son has had a terrific experience with cyber at USAFA and plans...
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    Appointee tour on 11 Apr

    It's no problem getting through the gate with Uber between 9am and 6pm. My son, who was there today for the appointee tour, did get through the gate before 8am with an Uber driver but he showed his military ID which, I believe, technically made the Uber driver his guest. He's not sure he would...
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    Appointee tour on 11 Apr

    As a clarification, I think there is no prob getting through the gates btwn 9-6. It's the early morning that may be problematic for the appointees. I believe it is a very long walk from the North gate to where the appointee tour starts.
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    Appointee tour on 11 Apr

    My son was told by USAFA that he could get through the gate with Uber bc he has DOD creds. I would think that an appointee without these might be able to show his or her appointee tour registration papers. His tour is tomorrow and I will let you know how the transportation goes.
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    Appointee tour on 11 Apr

    My son is going solo to the April 1 tour and he is also 17. His plan is to fly into COS the night before and stay at a hotel by the airport. He has downloaded uber and plans to get to USAFA that way. We really couldn't find any better option. I'm hoping all goes well. I can let you know how it goes.
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    USAFA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    1. kmlDad2020 DS 12/14/2015, Sen Feinstein & Rep McNerney dist.9, CA 2. Replevin DD 12/17/2015 call from Sen Nelson's office, FL 3. FalconsRock DD 12/17/2015, Presidential, Senator McCain and Rep Franks (Dist. 8 AZ) 4. Dallas1 DS 12/23/2015, MOC Nom, FL 5. Cezme DD 12/17/2015, US...
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    question on USNA waiver

    Hi All - I've read the threads above, but still don't fully understand the standard at USNA on color vision. The US Navy Medical manual lists a passing FALANT as adequate color vision. My DS failed the PIP (10/14) and passed the FALANT easily. He took the test at a private FAA doc office...
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    Test scores

    My DS also emailed USNA admissions and, after a bit of back and forth, the scores were finally posted.
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    Test scores

    Any updates on posting of ACT scores? My son sent his in mid June and they are still not posted. Seems to be a long period.