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    Chances of getting an appointment to Navy or AF Prep?

    Your resume looks pretty strong. The only thing I noticed was your class rank seemed kinda low. Not horrible, but it could be better. As USAFA83GradWife said, if you are truly interested go ahead and apply. It doesn't cost money to send in an application like most colleges. Also, make sure you...
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    Random Questions from newbie parent

    For question 6, when filling out paperwork for I-Day (2019), we had to put preferences for sponsor families. I remember that you could request no dogs, cats, children, etc. I do not, however, remember being able to specifically request them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How can I join USAFA...

    One thing I would like to suggest is to read EVERYTHING that you can find about USAFA. This forum is a great resource, and asking questions is great, but there is so much you can read to answer your question about what you need to do to get in. I can give a bit of insight into the physical...
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    Language Opportunities at USAFA

    I appreciate you contacting those graduates, mikki. Thank you everyone for the info Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had the exact same issue as you. I was weak on physical fitness, specifically pullups. I started January of my junior year going to the gym every other day and focusing on exercises that would help with pullups. Don't neglect the other parts of the CFA, but if you are weak with pullups, make...
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    Language Opportunities at USAFA

    How do they account for someone having experience in another language that they didn't get from high school. Like if I grew up speaking a foreign language in another country and still remember parts of it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Language Opportunities at USAFA

    I am an appointee to the Class of 2019 and had some questions regarding the language programs at USAFA: 1. How "good" are the language classes? I am interested in minoring in either German or Arabic and am curious how proficient at their languages are students who take the required credits for...