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    R-Day Questions

    You can rent a hotel room for your 17 or 18 year old. This is how you do it. You advance purchase your room (I am a Hilton Honors Member, so I usually use a Hampton Inn or another Hilton property). Then you call the hotel and "associate" the room with your cadet. The name of your child is...
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    Class of 2018 Class Profile

    They only use the English and the Math Score of the ACT.
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    Mom in need help supporting son's decision

    From your post, you sound like you have no knowledge about the mission of the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard saves people's butts - day in and day out. Then, besides flat out rescuing people, there is a law enforcement and navigation mission. Your son is hardly going to turn into a mindless...
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    Class of 2019 waitlist

    My son is also on the wait list. He had a great championship swim meet recently. He would be a strong addition to CGA for distance swimming. I checked the results and he would have placed 6th at NEWMAC in his event, actually. My boy has a full scholarship to his Plan B school, so he has other...
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    Eczema DQ?

    I can certainly understand why eczema would be a DQ. I will never forget seeing my cousin after finishing Ranger training. We went to his graduation down in Georgia. His hands looked absolutely pitiful. They were chapped and literally had cracks in the joint areas. He has perfectly normal...
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    Separation from West Point

    I can tell you that using marijuana on "several occasions" while on a break from West Point is shockingly poor judgement. First of all, they could have given him a drug test and he surely would have flunked it. He had to know that. Also, getting a security clearance is a really big...
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    AIM letters of recommendation

    I was also really in a quandary as to what the admissions folks were looking for in recommendations. At Cadet for a Day, LT. Plummer did a really good job of informing us what Admissions was looking for. One thing that she said that sticks out in my mind, "If your Math teacher only really...
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    Body Measurements Request

    I do believe that they did this at the Coast Guard Academy when my son went there for Cadet for a Day. He also did his PFE at the same time. He is a slender, swimmer build, so I doubt that they request body measurements because of a concern over weight. It must be a standard part of the...
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    Piano access

    When I was in school, there was a music practice room in every dorm with a piano. I am wondering if there is access to a piano in Chase Hall. My DS took piano since he was in 1st grade. He will often sit down to play and I think he kind of uses it as a way to relieve stress. Just curious. I...
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    Advice on hair

    If you have very long hair, I would advise you to cut some of the length at least to a bit longer than shoulder length. I saw a video saying that some girls had trouble with their hair molding! This is because it was never truly dry, either from activities during training or just from...
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    haven't heard anything

    We did not receive a letter or phone call. My son found out by checking his Bear Den. Then, a few days later, he got an email stating that the decision was made. A link was provided. First, check your spam folder. DS's invite to Cadet for a Day was found in the Spam folder. Next...
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    New to posting

    Make sure you keep the coach updated to any time drops by email and CC your admissions officer also. Every little bit helps.
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    Wait list

    My son was wait listed to CGA.
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    Denied Early Action. Now what?

    When we went to Cadet for a Day, I realized what an elite group of young people they ALL were. I hope you get better news from MMA.
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    And now we wait...

    Don't give up Kansas kid, but do move forward with plan B. Everyone that applied had good test scores and good standing, or they wouldn't be on the wait list. I had a nice email from the AO and he confided that he was chosen off the wait list himself and he thought that my son had a good shot...
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    And now we wait...

    Still Hopefull DS was wait listed. :roll eyes: More waiting. But, happy that there is still a shot. The Coast Guard is DS's first choice. :smile:
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    Accepting your appointment

    Wow, from a mom of a kid on the waitlist, please don't wait till R Day to change your mind!
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    Accepting your appointment

    I don't think that having a plan B means that you don't want to really be at the Coast Guard Academy. We actually had to put a deposit down for housing at Auburn, because the housing literally fills up before Christmas - before many kids even know they are accepted!! But, if there is a...
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    And now we wait...

    Sorry, I didn't make it clear. My son attended a different school his freshman and sophomore year.
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    And now we wait...

    Class Rank All his grades, from both schools, are on his transcript. I emailed my DS's AO to make sure that they were aware of the school policy.