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    2019 Class Numbers

    I can't speak to total numbers of attrition beyond what was quoted to me at an USNA meeting last week. The percentage was given, not the total number or how it was compiled. 2018midmom is spot on as to why these numbers are low and getting lower. Better screening of applicants, social media...
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    2019 Class Numbers

    Looks like the USNA Class Of 2019 is shaping up as: 17K Applications 1165 Size 25% Female 12% attrition for class of 2015 Estimated to be even less for 2019 which accounts for smaller class sizes. V/R
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    C/O 2019 Mailbox Stalkers

    My DD BFE arrived today, no heads up or phone call before, after a long wait. So proud and thankful she has the opportunity to join her sister at USNA. Best wishes to all those still waiting and keep the faith.