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    DoDMERB Green check. now what?

    DoDmerb website finally “caught up” for my daughter today. Exams completed 9/30, received by Dodmerb 11/11, and she was officially qualified the week after Thanksgiving…finally shows qualified in DoDmerb with a date of 1/23. Seems like they’re gaining ground!!
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    Information Process

    Just my opinion, if it shows submitted then you’re most likely fine. I think the check marks in Bears Den are sometimes lagging. However, I believe it’s very important to maintain routine communication with your AO, so if it’s been a while since you’ve been in contact, items such as this can...
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    DoDMERB Green check. now what?

    I think I just replied to you with this story in a different thread. Be sure to have your kiddo email them to check status!!
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    Would definitely recommend emailing both dodmets and DoDmerb. My daughter completed her exams mid-September, went back and forth with dodmets for a couple items, marked “complete” on 9/30. Sat on complete until 11/11. Then it changed to “closed - incomplete” and sent to DoDmerb. Emailed dodmets...
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    So you’re saying that in Dodmets your son’s case is marked closed and says sent to DoDmerb on a specific date/time?
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    "Your application will be scheduled for review in two weeks"

    Hard to tell. I’d say the review process would probably start in 2 weeks, but the actual process may take awhile. In hindsight for my daughter’s application, that email served more as an acknowledgment that her app was received and would be reviewed rather than an indicator of a timeline. 2 or...
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    Are my CFA scores exceptable

    Can you do any pull-ups? For women, 1 single pull up is worth more points than the maximum flexed arm hang.
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    Looking 4 scholarship opportunities @ VMI. Accepted & have a swimming scholarship but paying out-of-state tuition. 23 ACT w/ a 25 - Math & 26 - Scie

    Similar experience here. Out of state, daughter recruited to swim. Academics are pretty solid...30 ACT, around a 3.9 unweighted. She finally received financial offer letter in her portal this weekend, and it wasn't overly impressive. Between merit scholarship and athletic scholarship we'd still...
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    USCGA Class of 2027 Appointment List

    I was about to fix that myself…it was bothering me! 😂
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    Look out for class of 2027 BFE ( big fat envelope) in mail

    There’s a link in the appointment letter in Bears Den that is like a “soft” accept. You can decline in that link as well, but if you accept, it triggers the BFE. In the BFE, there’s paperwork for the official acceptance and also a form to send if you choose to decline.
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    Deferred? Tap in here

    Out of pure curiosity, do you know if your son/daughter submitted the optional 4th personal statement with their application? Good luck!!!
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    DoDMERB Green check. now what?

    My daughter sent a status check email to DoDERB and about a week later received a replay indicating she was medically qualified. Out of sheer excitement she forwarded to her AO and coach to let them know (they were very excited to get the news!). Two days later, she received an email from the...
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    Medical History Packet

    Just the regular Dr. The eye Dr has their own paper work.
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    Places to go

    I'm hoping my kid will come home to see ole mom and dad on summer and winter leave! 😂
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    Submission Confirmation

    The submitted status in Bear's Den is all you get. On your BD home page on the bottom right is check list. The last item is having your app reviewed by the board. Once they begin reviewing regular decision applications, you'll probably recieve an email saying your application will be reviewed...
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    USCGA Class of 2027 Appointment List

    To update with your entry, please copy the last and most recent complete list, open a new post, paste in the list, add next number and your entry. This is a DIY thread. Congratulations!
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    When do decisions come out?

    Hang in there. If you really want it, there are countless stories of people who reapply with success....spend a year knocking it down in college somewhere with great grades...self prep at a military school...train and blow the PFE out of the water, etc. Even Captain Fredie shared his story of...
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    EA Questions

    Click on the application tab. There will be a "Decision Status" link under the list of LOR providers.
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    Look out for class of 2027 BFE ( big fat envelope) in mail

    Once he gets medically qualified, the letter in his portal will update to a full appointment. In the letter, there will be a link to a basic form where he can accept or decline. If you click accept, that will trigger the big fat envelope to be mailed. So you are correct, no BFE for a bit...