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    STEM, anyone?

    Finally got the no. Only one in our house disappointed was my husband LOL. I guess he was still holding out hope. DS is rising 9th grader, so he'll just apply again next year.
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    STEM, anyone?

    We're all supposed to hear by tomorrow, but I guess they're waiting until just before midnight tonight to send out the rejection emails?
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    Still no news here, but we've resigned ourselves to it being a "no" and are moving on to making other plans. DS isn't upset about it. Figure he'll try again next year.
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    STEM, anyone?

    There's another thread where a few people have already received acceptances. My son applied for first session, and we're losing hope. (Plus I'm watching airfare prices rise, which isn't helping the odds of him going even if he is accepted.) In hindsight, we've come up with ways we could have...