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    Letters of Recommendation

    So I know that this has been touched on before but I just wanted to clarify - if we have multiple strong letters of recommendation should we upload them to our file? My understanding is that they aren't factored into your candidate score, so where is the benefit? Would uploading two seem like...
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    Employer Evaluation

    Just to clarify, how do you submit the form on letter head? Just by shrinking the document? Thank you for the advice.
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    Employer Evaluation

    I am a current applicant for 2021 and I applied for the class of 2020 last year as well. Since I applied last, I've had two internships - one was for a Senator and was 15 hours a week over the summer and I currently have a 20 hour a week internship with the Mayor of Columbia, SC. Should I submit...
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    Appeal admissions

    Thanks for the input! I just emailed the ROO.
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    Appeal admissions

    I received a 3 year AROTC scholarship to my #1 #2 choices but I wasn't accepted to #1. Is it possible to appeal the admissions decision? Has anybody done this? For reference it is a small, competitive, Liberal Arts College.
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    Study abroad

    Yes I understand that - I apologize for not being clear in my post. If I attend school abroad I will be unable to participate in ROTC so I will have to do OCS instead. I find that disappointing because I wouldn't be able to start my military career path until after graduation whereas I could...
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    Study abroad

    Yes, but I would not be involved with OCS starting my freshman year like I would be with ROTC. My understanding is that ROTC is also better for branch selection.
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    Study abroad

    I'll make sure to talk to them. This program will be life changing but I don't want to postpone my military involvement by 4 years until OCS.
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    Study abroad

    I was just accepted to a program where I would attend school in Hong Kong for 2 of my 4 college years (Sophomore and Senior year). Is it possible to still participate in AROTC? Are their international battalions? Thank you in advance for any insight.
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    April first and still CPR!

    Still CPR. I don't have a nomination though.
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    When should I expect to hear back from West Point?

    can you receive a USMAPS offer after receiving a letter stating that you will not be appointed this year? The rejection letter did not say if I was 3Q or not.
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    No 7-Semester Transcript?

    I emailed my counselor to ask if she would like for me to send it in and she said sure. If you think it would help your file, email your counselor.
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    National Pool Time?

    I did not receive a nom to USNA but I am still shooting for NAPS/Foundation. My portal still says "complete Pending Review". No news is good news, right?
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    Please Brief me on Prep school

    People who were offered the prep route/foundations or who have attended USMAPS/NAPS: did you receive a TWE first?
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    Lacrosse or track?

    Thank you for your opinion. I feel bad backing out of track since I've already made the commitment but I feel that it is the right thing to do
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    Lacrosse or track?

    I am a current senior and I received the TWE back in February. I currently have 3 seasons worth of JV Cross Country/track but no varsity/letter. I am definitely reapplying next year so I decided to join a spring sport. Right now I am in track and it looks like I will be varsity 800 relay as well...
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    Contact from Recruiting Officer

    I got it too. Is would this be a good sign or a bad? Or is it something that we shouldn't look in to?
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    Questions on 3Q

    I received my TWE before my medical qualification came in but after I passed the CFA and received a nomination. Does this mean that I was academically DQ'd? Also, at this point would I be out of the running for USMAPS and the sponsored scholarships? I know the chances are slim for both routes...
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    Thin White Envelope

    All, Thank you for your input. I have received the Ike Skelton Early Commissioning Program (ECP) Scholarship through ROTC. I am undecided on if I should decline this and try for a 3 or 4 year scholarship. I have been accepted to Miami University (OH) and Xavier University. The USMA forum...
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    ECP questions

    I received the Ike Skelton scholarship as well. One of the JMCs sent me a ton of info on it. The scholarship does not cover room and board but some of the JMCs will cover it for you.