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    My son got the principle nomination from his State's Senator, but got rejected by the Naval Academy

    My DS's TWE said that if his reading/math SAT was below 1300 to take it again for the re-application.
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    Is it a bad idea to email my RD?

    I've looked all over the USNA website and the portal. How do you find the contact information for your RD? My DS has only communicated with his BGO and Admissions Counselor?
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    I'm so sorry to hear your news. My DS received his last Monday. You will find a lot of encouragement and support in the thread I started last week. TWE Received. It's currently on page 2. All the best as you move forward to your Plan B or Re-application. Maybe we'll see you on the roller...
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    TWE received

    Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support. @jml1717 I'm sorry to hear about your DS's TWE, as well. We'll see you on the roller coaster for 2020!
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    TWE received

    So, we didn't expect to be one of the first on this forum to receive a TWE but, alas, here we are. My DS received it on Monday. We knew his academics were going to be a bit of a challenge (please don't ask for specifics) but he was qualified medically, physically, had two nominations (JROTC...
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    Foundation offers yet?

    I'm often confused the the term RD. Is that the same as the "Admission Counselor" listed in the portal?
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    C/O 2019 Mailbox Stalkers

    Ok…here is a mailbox stalking nightmare story! Our MOC does not make phone calls to appointees so we are solely relying on mailbox stalking for our first notification of an appointment yet the following report just came over our online neighborhood alert system. "A small silver car, possibly a...
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    Still no BFE

    My DS and I are trying to stay positive…we have gone from "No BFE today" to "No TWE today!" Without a TWE you are still in the game!
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    Candidate Information webpage problems

    We are not having trouble logging in but I noticed yesterday that his Admission Counselor changed. Seems kind of like a strange time of year to have a change in the admissions department. Not sure what to think of that or if my DS should reach out to the new counselor to introduce himself...
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    When can I expect USNA to respond yes/no to my NASS application?

    Last year my DS applied to NASS and received an email on 4/15 (last day of notifications) stating that he did not get accepted to NASS. However, he became an Official Candidate in early June and now he sits today 3Q'd with 2 noms. Just waiting on the BFE!!!
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    Call from Nominators

    How do you find out how many current mids are charged to your District? I know of one for sure.
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    Call from Nominators

    I've been wondering about the MOC limits. Is it by District or actual Representative? For example…my Representative was just elected in November so does she have 5 open slots or do the mids already at the Academy from our District count since they were appointed by her predecessor?
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    Preliminary Applicant to Official Candidate

    Thank you! Just trying to read between all of the lines while waiting, ever patiently, for the BFE!
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    Preliminary Applicant to Official Candidate

    Thank you, usna1985 and usnabgo08. That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out. I assume my DS is "on the bubble" scholastically. So, I'm trying to make sure that they would not have moved him this far in the process (he is now medically Q'd, CFA Q'd and has 2 noms) if he was going to be not...
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    Preliminary Applicant to Official Candidate

    I'm curious as to how many applicants are ruled out during the preliminary application phase. For example: how many preliminary applications are completed vs. how many become "official candidates" in June. Do they really vet a lot of applicants during that phase?