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    Can't Access Appointee Kit Forms

    Do we need these for I Day 2022? I don't see any reference to them in the Appointee Kit
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    Female hair advice

    If you want to be able to wear it down it can't touch the collar, besides that I would recommend any length that still allows you to do your preferred style on a short time limit. Right before I left for basic training I cut a few inches thinking it would make it easier to style, but then it was...
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    Appointee Kit Q&A

    Could someone paste a link to the 2026 Appointee Handbook? I am unable to open it from the portal. Thank you!
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    LEAD Program Outpro

    Hello! Wondering if there are any LEAD program Airman that have gotten any information about out processing/separation yet. I reached out to my local MPF and they had no idea what I was talking about in regards to the program. The admissions website states "If appointed, a DD Form 368, Request...
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    Cadet Physical Fitness

    I dont have any advice but just wanted to let you know that I’m feeling the same way. I’m coming from active duty and while we have PT test and I’ve been working out consistently for the last year, I’m still nervous about the fitness aspect especially. You’re not alone
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    Freshman here AMA

    What kind of quotes did you have to memorize?
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    Freshman here AMA

    Is there anything you wish you knew before BCT?
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    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2026

    INSTRUCTIONS (Copy these along with table) Step 1: Locate the post with the most up-to-date table. Step 2: Copy these instructions and the table. Left click and drag cursor from 'INSTRUCTIONS' to bottom right-hand corner of table. Ctrl-C - DO NOT USE FORUM QUOTE FEATURE. - The text will...
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    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2026 USAFA Appointment Thread

    Has anyone heard anything from Enlisted/Lead applicants? Haven’t seen anything in the appointment thread and have only seen one post about a rejection
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    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2026 USAFA Appointment Thread

    I think at this point we’re so desperate for some information we’d be interested in a column for favorite food, or maybe zodiac signs :)
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    Did I just ruin my appt chances via DODMERB?

    Thank you for sharing. He received an appointment while disqualified?
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    Did I just ruin my appt chances via DODMERB?

    Thank you. Sorry about that
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    Did I just ruin my appt chances via DODMERB?

    My medical status was approved in February but as per the DODMERB policy, I reported that my dentist recommended removing my wisdom teeth and that I saw my PCM for dry lips and was recommended to get an allergy test. Almost immediately I received a response that my medical status had been...
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    College transcripts

    Still not resolved for me. Admissions has not responded to my emails asking about it either
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    Case status "Incomplete-Closed"

    Good Evening Sir, May I send you an email regarding my DODMERB status of "Complete & on hold as of 1/18/2022" ? Thank you for all the assistance.
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    ACT Testing February: Is it worth it?

    I took the SAT in 2018, 720 English 640 Math
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    ACT Testing February: Is it worth it?

    A USAFA Admissions Team Lead emailed me a confirmation a about 2 weeks ago and recommended that I retake either the SAT/ACT and the one in February is my only option. I told him this and he instructed me to take that one and not worry about the one in March as that would be too late. So if...
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    Asked to retake the SAT, will I be able to in time?

    Hello! For context, I’m currently AD and applying through the LEAD program. From high school I have a 1360 SAT (640M/720R) which the portal converted to (32M, 38R, 34W). I finished everything for my application and received an email today confirming receipt of my AF Form 1786, but it also...