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  1. KPButterflyer

    Plebe class 2023

    close, but no cigar.
  2. KPButterflyer

    Plebe class 2023

    Which company? I'm fifth.
  3. KPButterflyer

    Plebe class 2023

    Since day zero of indoc, about 40 plebe candidates have dropped. About 16-18 since the first day of classes. And yeah, class of 2023 has an unmotivating level of upper body strength
  4. KPButterflyer

    Choosing a major.

    Sir, I'll follow the 12th general order.
  5. KPButterflyer

    Choosing a major.

    I'm fine with that.
  6. KPButterflyer

    Choosing a major.

    Especially when it's hellish cold and frantic.
  7. KPButterflyer

    How was ring dance this year

    How was ring dance this year
  8. KPButterflyer

    What are my chances of being accepted?

    GPA can be mitigated with a stronger SAT or ACT score. I had a 3.4 unweighted GPA with a 1530 superscored SAT (they do superscore at USMMA).
  9. KPButterflyer

    For Nomination Reccomendations...

    You could go with the teachers and the coaches. They seem the most objective. Uncle could be a bit too nepotistic, and the pastor is eh. Any recommendation is fine for a senator/rep though except like direct family.
  10. KPButterflyer

    USMMA->Reserves->Grad/Med School?

    Yoooo weren't you the swimmer from Tucson ford?
  11. KPButterflyer

    Concerned about lack of sports in high school

    Can he play an instrument? Because band company will scoop him right up.
  12. KPButterflyer

    USMMA Class of 2023 Group Chat

    Most of us use because fb messenger is clunky.
  13. KPButterflyer

    After USMMA Appointment Acceptance - Next Steps

    My dad used my account earlier, but it takes a couple weeks for full recovery from removal to when I could eat without discomfort. The hole is still closing up, but that should be healed soon.
  14. KPButterflyer

    After USMMA Appointment Acceptance - Next Steps

    My DS had only two wisdom teeth. He first extracted one and after 4 weeks the second one. Like you said there was a small open wound in his mouth, which made it uncomfortable to eat on that side and sometimes food will get trapped. Therefore there was time between the tooth extractions - to...
  15. KPButterflyer

    Class of 2023 USMMA Appointment DIY Thread

    USMMA Class of 2023 Appointments: 1) bizzy10013 / Self / 29-Oct-18 / Declined / AR / LOA 2) SouthDakotaHen / Self / 19-Nov-18 / Undecided / SD 3) GIJane / Self / 21-Nov-18 / Declined / PA / LOA 4) SAVDad96 / DS / 21-Nov-18 / Undecided / GA / LOA 5) northtexascj / Self / 15-Dec-18 / Accepted / TX...
  16. KPButterflyer

    Class of 2023 USMMA Appointment DIY Thread

    welcome Kpbsbl23! Any sports?
  17. KPButterflyer

    Class of 2023 USMMA Appointment DIY Thread

    As the DS in question, I'd like to add a few things. Make sure you ask your coach how far along your application is, and check to see if other athletes in the same sport have already been accepted. Some sports, like football, seemed to have priority (with some acceptances all the way back in...
  18. KPButterflyer

    Did you visit??

    I visited this year, and the campus is excellent.
  19. KPButterflyer

    AP Capstone and AP exams

    So how would we go about using our AP credits? I have 2 humanities APs (world and US history), as well as Calc AB, APLAC, and Chemistry at a 4 or above.