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    Law school

    I'm not sure how you would return to school after commissioning. Off hand I cannot think of very many good law schools that are close to large Army installations. Also, not sure that the time would workout. Law school and Army life will both be demanding with not much wiggle room on either side...
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    AROTC Scholarship

    I have no idea. Obviously if you are highly involved and have great grades it is an easy choice. That being said, GPA for no APs seems low. Although, you never know. Nobody on this thread can give you a straight up answer. According to stats I should not have received a 4 year but I did. If you...
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    Random CIET Questions

    Still be prepared to send him. I went last year on a weeks notice.
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    Random CIET Questions

    Last year when I went we were not issued BCGs at fort knox. I just went out and bought a black/grey pair of sturdy glasses and wore those all of the time. I brought a few pairs of contacts with me but only wore them on the few holidays we had off and then our week of outprocessing. Like was said...
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    Service Obligation- 4 Year Scholarship

    I'm sorry, Army ROTC. But thank you both for your responses!
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    Service Obligation- 4 Year Scholarship

    Is the service obligation for the 4 year scholarship 4 years or 8 years? I am not asking because I am already counting down the days. I was looking at future options and after finding out officers can use 100% of the post 9/11 GI Bill if they have 3 years of service past their service...
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    Word is mixed, I think my school still intends to send only MS1s and MS2s who joined second semester or those who want to go. I don't think there is a mandatory rule yet, at least to my knowledge. However, I went last year and if you have no Army experience outside of ROTC at your school I would...
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    CULP 2017

    Also not to be a nay-sayer but honestly the mission in each country doesn't really matter. To my understanding it can change even more frequently than the destinations offered through the program. You get to select which region you would prefer and what kind of mission you would prefer. So for...
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    Thanks! I had seen this in my personal research but was wondering if anyone had been, or talked with anyone who had been to Gabon for CULP.
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    Does anyone know what the Gabon mission is like?
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    CULP and CIET summer 2015 AROTC

    Michael G, I posted that a while ago. The information given has since changed. Now we are being told it is MS2's only. Although I haven't heard of anyone being assigned slots in my battalion. I'm not sure anyone really knows exactly what is going on with CIET.
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    AROTC Scholarship Extension

    It might be an issue. We have all been informed that paperwork like that should be in before you go to CLC or whatever the Summer training Junior year is called now. Either the battalion cadre has not been doing their job, or more than likely your DS has just been assuming that things would pan out.
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    CULP and CIET summer 2015 AROTC

    Class was informed today that it was all contracted MS1's and part of the top of the MS1 class OML. We got to request dates.
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    Marquette vs. Xavier

    I would recommend talking to both schools. Ask questions like where did their Ranger Challenge team place, how many cadets are in the battalion, how many days of pt, when is lab, how many slots do they get for summer training (different programs air assault, airborne, etc.), what do they do for...
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    Thank you

    Welcome to the Stalwart Battalion! If he decides SU is the place for him.
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    AROTC Physical Fitness

    Start practicing the actual test and doing the 2 min push up, 2 min sit up, 2 mile. You'll never run a timed 1.5 again so focus on your 2 mile time. Honestly you probably wouldn't have to do anything to prepare. But if you want to be a stud, get noticed for the right reasons, and be the first...
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    CULP and CIET summer 2015 AROTC

    " a three-day indoctrination designed to introduce the Cadets to the U.S. Army. The underpinning premise is that in order to be a good leader, you must first understand what it means to be a Soldier. Upon arrival, the Cadets are introduced to the same standards as initial entry trainees by the...
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    Thoughts on DS Chance for AROTC

    Pima I'm sorry if i Offended you, that was not my intention. I did not mean to generalize and you're right many parents on here do know how the process works. However, many do not as well. That's just my opinion and I don't think the original poster should be worried about her DS's scholarship...
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    Thoughts on DS Chance for AROTC

    I am a Cadet at SU, fantastic program. Also do not get worked up or worried based on what some people, mainly parents, put out these forums in regards to "chances". According to them I wasn't going to receive anything. I was strong in areas and weaker in others like your DS. Don't read into it...
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    CULP Orders

    Ok, thank you all very much for your responses.