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    To late for SAT?

    I'm in the same boat here. If I am not scheduled a test center I will try taking the ACT, but if that falls through as well I'm sure if I were to enter "0" or "n/a" in the standardized test section they would realize I haven't had the chance to take it. I bet that once you get access to the...
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    Hey, I'm a sophomore too. I think you should totally go to NASS because that is where you will learn more about life at the academy. Hope to see you there!
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    will quitting BSA affect my application

    I am a sophomore in high school and I quit scouts last year. I held the rank of first class.I was wondering if USNA would like that I had scouting experience or if they will look at it negatively because I quit. If anyone knows anything about this it would be extremely helpful.
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    application tips

    This list is awesome!!!! The only thing you didn't talk about was taking the SAT/ACT. I am a sophomore in high school right now and I saved this list to help guide me. I better start making up for some of the stuff I missed freshman year. Thank you!
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    Summer Stem ~ Class of 2027

    Many people are hinting that the camp won't even be held this summer. I was accepted a week after I turned in my application so I'm not exactly sure how the admission process works. Does anyone know if you are not accepted into the camp if you get a notice that you weren't accepted or are you...
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    Summer STEM - Will it happen?

    If canceled, USNA stated we would get a refund, but also do you think USNA may take into account that I applied and was accepted into this even though I wasn't able to go. For instance would it possibly be easier for me to get into Summer Seminar next summer? Would there be any other benefits...
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    Summer STEM - Will it happen?

    I was accepted into Summer STEM session 3, but my family and I are hesitant about if it will happen. I need to turn in my medical forms to confirm my spot within the next week, so I am planning on turning them in, reserving my spot, and then waiting to buy plane tickets until further notice. Do...
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    Mid willing to answer questions

    Hi, I'm a sophomore in high school so I still have time to improve my grades and hold stronger leadership positions. What are some of the EC's that you participated in and did you hold any leadership roles? Do you have any recommendations for strong EC's I could take part in next year? Also, do...
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    USNA summer STEM confusion

    I believe I would be able to talk with my teachers and take my finals the week before finals week, its something I need to look into.
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    USNA summer STEM confusion

    thank you @MidCakePa , USNA has been my dream school for years now and I would love to get the exposure this summer.
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    USNA summer STEM confusion

    I recently was accepted into the summer STEM program at USNA, I applied and received acceptance to session three because during the first two sessions my school year is still going on. Session 3 is the week after I get out of school and I am afraid that my school district might add more days...
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    NAPS Eligibility/chances

    I believe the prep school is mainly for people who do not qualify academically for the academy, that being said, with your lack of high-level classes you may be considered for the prep school. You have an excellent GPA but that is not all that matters academically, they look at the specific...
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    My chance on getting into USNA

    Dear amcguire, What grade are you in? Because you are talking about needing to take the SAT/ACT I am assuming that you are a junior. If you haven't applied to the summer seminar program you should (i believe applications are due by April 15). You can also apply to boys/girls state (obviously...
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    Summer STEM app. help

    Hello, I am working on my personal statement right now but I am faced with the fact that I am not participating in many STEM-based activities at the moment. I have done things in my past like lego robotics and participating in science fairs - no awards won from either of those though. My dad...
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    Bringing JROTC to my high school

    Hello all, I have seen many Service Academy candidates who had the chance to participate in JROTC during high school. Not only does this help one prepare for the military but I'm sure that it also serves as a great extra-curricular activity that the Academies would love to see on someone's...
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    How can I improve my EC's to get into the academy

    thank you all for the feedback. Boy scouts were a topic that kept coming up, so it seems important. I joined boy scouts when I was 11 years old and made it to the rank of first-class. I left the program because I had no friends doing it with me and I purely got bored with it. Becoming an eagle...
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    How can I improve my EC's to get into the academy

    I am currently a Sophmore in Oregon, I have been working on my grades quite a lot and went from a 2.9 GPA last year, to a 4.0 (which I will maintain) first semester if this year. I am not concerned about my grades because I am sure that I will keep my 4.0 over the next few years, and also I'm...