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    AROTC scholarships for local campuses?

    I was not picked for the national board, but I will be entering the fall semester as a freshmen doing ROTC. The head of the ROTC department said I have a good chance of getting a 3 year scholarship this summer. I text him from time to time and he said he has yet to hear, does anyone know when...
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    Managing ROTC and college

    How do you guys do it? I plan on being pre med, I'll be taking classes like Calc, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc. Engineering, Pre Med and other students with hard majors who do ROTC, how do you manage time? Also is it possible to do ROTC, college and have a part time job on the side by the...
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    Got a text - no change

    It was just notifying everyone, that if you got the scholarship it should say winner if not it should still say boarded. It got my hopes up as well.
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    Second round offers

    I received one of those too, while the ECP program is interesting, the science program doesn't really look top notch at any of the schools and that is a problem when I want to be a Biochemistry major. Hopefully I win a 3 year at the 3rd board, I thought my stats were perfect for the scholarship...
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    Status is still boarded.

    God this is really killing me mentally, I feel like I've lost. I'm praying to God, these aren't all the results for the board.
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    Status is still boarded.

    If you got a 3 or 4 year scholarship can you indicate that and then post your stats, such as your PFA, GPA and SAT/ACT?
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    Status is still boarded.

    Yeah, hopefully thats not the case and they are updated tomorrow or the 26th.
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    Status is still boarded.

    My status is still boarded for the second board, I was almost certain I should have won at least a three year scholarship to one of my schools. Were all of the winners of the second board notified or was it just some?
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    2nd board waiting

    Mine is boarded now too
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    AROTC Credentials

    Have you applied yet?
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    How strong of an applicant am I for the third board?

    -GPA is 3.7 -SAT is 1180 M+CR and 1760 with the writing -PFA - 5:35 mile, 54 curl ups and 50 push ups -A lot of extracurriculars which include leadership roles, sports and clubs. -Have taken 4 classes at the University which is my top choice for the ROTC scholarship. -A couple AP and honors...
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    What do we need in by the 5th for the 2nd board?

    Okay, so I have my SAT scores in, Transcripts, and Personal Essay done. I called the head of Army ROTC in my area and scheduled an interview, i'm getting my interview Tuesday evening, which is the 5th. I don't have my PFA done or the Guidance Counselor comments, those don't need to be done...