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    DS has DODMERB appointment tomorrow, and we expect he will be a few pounds over the weight/height limit. He is not over weight, just a big guy. How does taping work? Who does it, and when? Does doctor at DODMERB do it at the time of the appointment or will it be requested by admissions if...
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    USMMA Insurance

    Actually the 2015/2016 pricing for the Academy's insurance has gone up to $2200/year.
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    Craziest thing you've done to manage 'The Waiting Game?'

    I scour this forum!!! Which both convinces me all is well, and that all hope is lost simultaneously!!!
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    Georgia's NOM Interviews

    Noms DS received USNA nomination call from GA-7 (Woodall) yesterday. Also, nomination from Sen Chambliss to USMMA letter in the mail yesterday. A good day!