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    CPR with medical complications

    What is CPR?
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    Overnight visit

    Check your junk mail... my overnight confirmation went there.
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    After receiving an appointment

    I'm in the same position as you. West Point was always my dream, and I was elated when I got in! Now that I'm getting ready to accept my appointment, a lot of emotions are hitting me. It is actually becoming a reality, and in just 4 months we will have 90 seconds to say goodbye to our parents...
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    How did you/yourDS/DD react upon learning of appointment?

    Got in Purdue on Thursday night, USAFA appointment via email Friday morning. I knew the first wave of USMA appointments were going out, and I texted my dad that Friday that it was "too good to be true that I'd get one". He told me to not get my hopes up, but keep the faith. Got home from school...
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    CT appointments

    Any other USMA appointees from Connecticut?
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    Application review

    Thanks!! Best of luck to your DS as well!!
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    Application review

    I'm honestly leaning strongly towards WP anyway and will probably accept in the next few weeks. I had always wanted Navy, but now that I've had 8 months to think about it and look into other options, I'm realizing how many opportunities USMA and the army have to offer. I already declined my...
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    Application review

    The deadline to accept my West Point appointment is the same day that I could potentially hear from USNA. I wish the academies coordinated more on that front.
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    Application review

    Same... Been done since July 1st with application portion. Had med qualification and nomination in August and October. Not a word from USNA or NROTC since summer, and I have appointments to USAFA and West Point. I always wanted USNA, but at this point I'm getting ready to make a decision.
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    Same -- Denied from SLE and received a first round appointment!
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    QUICK Question

    "Complete Pending Review" since July. Med Q in August, Nomination in October. Basically just means everything is done on your end, now waiting for the Academy to make a decision - yes or no.
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    Comp Nomination Admissions?

    I received an appointment at the end of January as well. My nom slate was on a competitive basis as well.
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    The Differences Between the SA's

    Personally, I was dead set on going to USNA from freshman to senior year. I was planning to apply to USAFA as well, but all I really cared about was the Naval Academy. My parents made my apply to West Point as well, and after doing an overnight I fell in love with it. I did a complete 180 and...
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    Triple appointee -- what a choice

    What a great way to sum it up... West Point has an awesome admissions system. It's easy to contact your RC and the visits are always informative and welcoming. I did an overnight earlier in the fall, and emailed my RC to see if I could do another once I got my appointment. He was great about...
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    Triple appointee -- what a choice

    I currently have appointments to the USAFA and USMA Classes of 2020, and am still pending a decision from USNA. I fell in love with Navy when I first visited my freshman year of high school, and although I visited other the other academies, was very close-minded about anything other than USNA...
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    Important News

    I applied to USMA, USAFA, and USNA. I have received appointments to USMA and USAFA, waiting on Navy. I chose to apply to 3 academies because (although I certainly had/have my preferences/ranking), my overall desire is to serve my country and earn a commission via Academy.
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    Navy ROTC Scholarship

    I have not yet heard anything either and applied in early fall. Nothing from USNA yet either, but appointed to the Air Force Academy and West Point.
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    Rolling Admissions??

    I am in the same position... I completed my entire application on July 1, finished medical in August, and have had a nomination since October and have not heard a thing from USNA OR NROTC. I had a letter of assurance and now appointment from USAFA and received an appointment to West Point as...
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    CFA Mile Time

    I honestly never thought I'd be in this situation! I am leaning towards West Point right now, but I don't know how I will feel if I get an offer from USNA. Probably still will go to USMA, but will seriously consider Navy.
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    CFA Mile Time

    I ran the mile in around 8:15 too. My shuttle run was 10 sec flat.. Basketball was around average, and I max'd the other 3 events. I received appointments to USMA and USAFA so far. Nothing from Navy yet, but I did fine with the 8:15 mile :)