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    Soaring or Jumping

    He still can get hired as a Soaring IP. 3-degs (sophomores) can take soaring their FALL semester. From there they can apply for the upgrade and be picked up as what’s called a “spring-ie”. A upgrade Cadet who starts in spring whereas most upgrades start in fall. Your son can talk to any IP and...
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    Falcon Visitation Experience Invitees

    Former FVE and current cadet. That’s exactly how the program was explained to me! I come from a historically low area of interest and my initial stats looked promising. Since no one in my congressional district has ever been to the Academy, they invited me to see if USAFA was for me. 99% of the...
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    Critical Race Theory (CRT) at USAFA

    Current Cadet in PoliSci. CRT isn’t emphasized but mentioned so we understand the world that we are commissioning into. Understanding how historically marginalized communities affect the world we live in is PARAMOUNT for our ability to defend this nation. There are undeniable gaps between...
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    End of BCT!

    26ers will have briefs every day. Upperclassmen are instructed to have “limited contact” with them until after A-day. They will move into their AC year room. They must have a wingman at all times so they can never go anywhere by themselves. They are not authorized to run strips yet and must...
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    USAFA Applications down 27.6%?

    I’ve heard this line of thought before. Personally, the reason I chose to go to USAFA was because of their “wokeness”. I wanted to join a branch that valued the individual and what they have to bring to the mission. I wanted to join a branch that wasn’t afraid to be expressive of their support...
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    CAP vs Fire Explorer

    Do what you would enjoy more. I was a Police Explorer and that was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I could have done JROTC, but I chose to do what I would enjoy more.
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    Stationary and writing?

    USAFA provides stationary to basic cadets. They provide stamps, envelopes, and paper. I wrote a letter 1-2 times per week and I had enough to get through. If you want to bring your own pre labels, that’s smart, but not needed.
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    SF86 Question

    Either the 1st or second week during basic training. About three hours is carved out of a day to take them to Fairchild. There, USAFAs team will guide them through the form. If desperately needed, they will be allowed to call home to ask for important information (info on international trips...
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    Shower Shoes?

    They are assigned them. Cheap flip flops.
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    Transpo to USAFA on I-day

    Last year I also travelled by myself. The day before, I found someone that was in my same Basic Squadron and just asked if I could ride with them. The family was more than willing to help. All you have to do is ask around and you will find someone.
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    Ranger School?

    No. But if a Cadet were to commission the opportunity may arise when they are operational but the chances are rare. Air Force has its own special warfare teams that can embed with Rangers, Delta, Green Berets. If interested in more of that, look into TACP / STO / CRO.
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    Doolie Day out and Rodeo

    This is an amazing experience that the Class of 2024 and Class of 2025 didn't have the opportunity to partake in. The 23ers and 22ers talked about it. They said DO NOT eat a lot of food there. The second you get back... let's just say you are in for a surprise :)
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    Women’s Lacrosse

    Hi! I know of a few people on the team. A good amount of freshman join to get the LOS (limited on-season). That will exempt you from going to training sessions and sometimes noon meal formation. I don't think tryouts are too competitive. One of the girls I know only played for two years and made...
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    Advice to the Class of 2026

    Feel free!
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    Sunglasses Recommendations?

    Looking to invest in a quality pair of men‘s sunglasses. Any recommendations? Was looking on GovX and they have a lot on discount but not sure if they are good. Thanks in advance!
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    Advice to the Class of 2026

    Well... Your reporting date is nearing closer and closer and I remember the amount of nerves that I felt as my day approached. Being a 25er and having just finished doolie year, I wanted to offer some of the biggest lessons that I learned throughout basic and my doolie year. 1) Work as a...
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    Workout/pull ups

    You take the PFT and AFT a number of times during but it doesn’t count towards your actual grade. Just try your hardest and you will be fine. If you’re a little overweight that’s fine, just know you will need to work a little bit harder than others to get in shape. Go through basic with a right...
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    Is a sport watch ACTUALLY necessary?

    Not a requirement but something really handy. Years prior watches weren’t allowed during basic training. Basics would have no sense of time and days would feel like an eternity. Having a watch definitely was something a lot of people wanted so glad to hear it’s a requirement now. Definitely...
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    Becoming a USAA Member as an Appointee

    Just say May 26th lol
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    Social media protocol

    No pictures of CAC or Proxy. Here’s a link directly from Public affairs. Look specially under “social media for airmen” and “social media for family.”