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    USMC PLC Juniors after Junior year?

    @USMC8993 Correct, but my situation was unique. I had dropped a class after changing my major from biology to economics the semester before getting selected (no way I was suffering through organismal diversity for no reason). I was enrolled in 6 classes to catch up on credits when I got selected...
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    USMC PLC Juniors after Junior year?

    Thank you all for the excellent advice! I appreciate it greatly. There's a wealth of knowledge online about PLC but I couldn't find anything relating to my specific question/situation - I'm glad I joined this forum and asked. I've talked with my OSO and he assures me that everything will go...
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    USMC PLC Juniors after Junior year?

    Hello all, I was just selected for PLC juniors this summer, active duty ground contract (295 PFT, 3.6 GPA). I recently changed my major and was down exactly 1 credit hour from a “junior status” according to the Marine Corps at the time of my application, making PLC-C not an option. After this...
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    PLC ASTB Waiver?

    Did you ever get that waiver? I’ve been fighting for the one point waiver after scoring 50 6/5/7 last attempt. I was told it doesn’t exist anymore by my OSO but I’m hearing conflicting stories. Just got selected for ground with a 295 PFT but would love to try and get that waiver if anyone can...