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    Boot Recommendations?

    SFB Gen 2.
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    AMI sent... no status update?

    You're being impatient.
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    Favorite Candy Bar 🍫

    5th Avenue by far.
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    Rebuttal process after waiver denied

    Unless you have some sort of documentation that somehow contradicts any prior submitted info, diagnosis, or prognosis... a rebuttal is pointless.
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    Requires a physicians appointment at a military treatment facility

    Military *Treatment Facility.
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    Army expands prep course for enlistment

    Unfortunately recruiting woes are a direct reflection of our society. A vast majority of kids these days are physically lazy, overweight, have lower quality education, are socially awkward, dumbed down, and are device addicted. I also can't tell you how many AIT students I see walking around...
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    Am I Allowed to Withdraw at the Last Second?

    The vaccine mandate has been withdrawn.
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    Also, a quick look at the forums will show several others are asking the exact same question.
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    Medical DQ & Waiver Declined

    Unfortunately, Mr. Mullen would probably tell you that the waiver IS the appeal. That appeal was denied. There really is no way to appeal the appeal from my understanding. The only thing you can do is submit more information, but it seems like you already submitted documentation from specialists...
  10. Anonymous121

    Medical Career

    The Service Academies are the past of MOST resistance to becoming a doctor. If you truly want to serve as a MD/DO, the right way is to go HPSP, finish your training and then direct commission.
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    CFA rejected. Where should I improve most?

    Are you even trying with your run? You can almost walk that fast. The run is a gut check. A mile is nothing. Push yourself! Do you want this or not???
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    EQIP Question

    Were you charged or convicted of anything? Arrested? If no, then there's your answer.
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    Separated due to grades

    There is still OCS or ROTC.
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    Best credit cards?

    AMEX plat is great, for those non-service members, who travel all the time. Otherwise, it's not worth it unless you're active duty. Although depending on where you're traveling to/thru, the lounges get jam packed and have long wait lines just to get in. I can't tell you how many times I've got...
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    Moving to San Antonio area ?

    Alamo Heights
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    Boot Recommendations?

    I love my Nike boots. I have the Oakley as well but as mentioned before, they are very lightweight. They feel like pieces of paper with a rubber sole on the bottom.
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    Commissioning in a Different Branch

    Care to define "all the time?" and under what circumstance? Surely there can't be people flip-flopping from one ROTC and commission to an entirely different branch of service on a whim. Just like you don't see many USMA cadets commissioning as naval officers and vice versa?
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    Commissioning in a Different Branch

    Indeed if the Army invests money, they will want their investment returned by you serving out the commitment you accepted.
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    DODMERB in the news!

    "When the outage first began, review board officials established a “here and how” manual workaround where they focused on qualifying applicants who wouldn’t need any more visits to doctors, according to an internal email from longtime deputy director Larry Mullen obtained by Military Times."
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    DODMERB in the news!

    Not news for most of you here.. article.