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  1. kinnem

    Dad Joke thread (everybody welcome)

    Interesting article. No joke.
  2. kinnem

    Dad Joke thread (everybody welcome)

    Evidently I'm as old as dirt.
  3. kinnem

    So who watched the story on 60 Minutes about the Navy's readiness tonight?

    No new news to me but I'm glad they covered it because I'm sure it's news to a great many people. America HAS to rebuild it's industrial might if it ever hopes to win a Great Power contest. There's a reason so many countries are coming under the influence of China. The world is not blind to this.
  4. kinnem

    USMC PLC Juniors after Junior year?

    Good luck in Seniors.
  5. kinnem

    March Madness 🏀

    I've been thinking the same. Princeton put on a hell of a show against Mizzou
  6. kinnem

    March Madness 🏀

    Sounds like the Duke-Tenessee game. Goodbye Duke, unfortunately.
  7. kinnem

    March Madness 🏀

    I can't believe Virginia and Arizona are knocked out in Round 1. Of course I had them both in the Sweet Sixteen.
  8. kinnem

    Why did the military doctor do .... if it's not allowed for the Service Academies???

    I don't disagree but young folks don't have enough life experience to know what the 'right' answer is.
  9. kinnem

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Oops. Silver. It's 50 years old and made of metal.
  10. kinnem

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    I love my mouli grater. It's lickety-split.
  11. kinnem

    March Madness 🏀

    Waiting on the brackets but I'll root for Duke all the way.
  12. kinnem

    Graduated but not commissioned.

    I guess I'm confused. If I understand it correctly your son: 1. Received a scholarship 2. Failed physics at some point and "lost" his scholarship. 3. Was allowed to continue in NROTC and subsequently passed physics. 4. Graduated while still continuing with NROTC. Did he ever lose his contract?
  13. kinnem

    Rotc last board

    No direct knowledge if you can or can't but my opinion is they wouldn't review your application again after awarding any scholarship. You can try asking an ROO who should be in the know.
  14. kinnem

    DS Getting ROTC Leadership Award from Battalion - can I infer his OML standing?

    There is more that goes into OML than leadership but I don't expect they would give such an award to people who were doing badly in other areas. I'm sure your son is correct about not knowing where he stands on OML.
  15. kinnem

    AFROTC and NROTC EC's and academics

    If you look at the SAT scores for all ROTC program scholarships their average is actually higher than the academies. Makes sense as it's a national competition and political geography makes no difference.
  16. kinnem

    Stand and Fight …. No one gets out of this World alive

    Said every country prior to WWI
  17. kinnem

    AFROTC Interview Questions

    What kind of things do you want to know about?
  18. kinnem

    Advice for talking to a parent about West Point

    Maybe stress the academics of the place, the sports, and the leadership education. Great Americans have attended West Point. Tell them the reasons you want to go. Listen to their objections and address them. blueskies18 has dome great suggestions above, especially the point about touring the...
  19. kinnem

    Army ROTC Questions

    DoDMERB will contact you to start the process. Keep an eye on your spam folder just in case. They'll assign you a doctor and I believe they give you a date when it should be completed. Schedule an appointment as soon as you can just in case there are snags along the way. Your scholarship will...
  20. kinnem

    Sheesh… the Navy makes it sound difficult

    Isn't there a roundy roundy electric generator on the sparky sparky leg?