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    Society of American Military Engineers Summer Camps

    It has been quite a few years ago and there may be some difference now on how the selections work now and I believe it varies by branch. When my DS did it, he applied directly to the Army S.A.M.E for the Vicksburg, MS camp. There were no interviews and he was notified by the national...
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    Catholic Community at USMA

    My DS was very involved with the Catholic Community. He made wonderful friends through this. He grew very close to the FOCUS missionaries, as well, so much so that one of them was his Best Man at his wedding! Father Matt was DS's sponsor and he had many activities over at his quarters when he...
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    ROTC Airborne School

    That was the #1 reason I opted not to go to Airborne school as a cadet, some 30+ years ago. While the idea of going as a cadet was very exciting, I chose to do alternative summer programs. I personally, would have told my own children the same thing if it would have come up as a cadet.
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    Ship Selection 2023

    Mine chose based upon location first (San Diego) and then the class of ship, next. She had looked to see what ships were likely to be deployed soon after she would arrive, rather than one that was about to, or was in the yard. She also checked to see if the ship was scheduled to make a future...
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    Society of American Military Engineers Summer Camps

    The Society of American Military Engineers (S.A.ME.) summer camp applications are now open. My DS went to the Army one between his sophomore and junior years of H.S. and had a wonderful time there. He thought it was a great experience and was even awarded a leadership award there. He kept...
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    DD just let us know she will be resigning after ADSO

    Update: After DD submitted notification of resignation at the beginning of September, she just found out that it has been approved. She said that her SWO 2018 year group retention rate (following the 5 year commitment) is tracking lower than the 2017 year group SWO retention rate of 17%...
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    Plan B issues

    For all of you who feel that it is okay to have the Plan B in place after May 1st without letting the Plan B school know, how would you feel if someone here who had received appointments to both USMA and USNA were to accept both appointments to give them the rest of the summer until they have to...
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    CFA rejected. Where should I improve most?

    My DS passed with at 7:58 run.
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    ARMY ROTC scholarship

    Oops, I see I used DS, but it was DD, not that it's relevant. If she had ended up using the AROTC scholarship, she would have wanted to use it at #2 School for Room & Board, and the academic scholarship to cover the tuition. In the end, she went with her NROTC scholarship offer at a different...
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    ARMY ROTC scholarship

    Typically those chosen during the first board are offered their top 3 schools. As the results come out for the 2nd and 3rd boards, you may find that they don't always get an offer to their top schools - They may or may not. If they receive the scholarship and are not given an option to the top...
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    BGO Interview Problems

    Back when my DS applied, his BGO would not do the interview until everything, including the CFA was done. I think some BGOs want to be able to look at the candidate to evaluate how they have done on everything and see if they are truly motivated to get everything in before wasting time on...
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    Interested in Notre Dame NROTC? Attend online informational Meeting

    My DD would agree with you on that! It's a grueling load. Most semesters she had over 20 credit hours. One semester her senior year she had only 18 hours, as she took a summer class to lighten her load. She was also an RA her Senior year. She still loved ND, NROTC and her experience there and...
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    NROTC Tier Inquiry

    According to FAFSA's website, if parents are divorced and don't live together, then only information for the parent who provided the most financial support is required.
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    NROTC Tier Inquiry

    As you start looking at potential colleges to attend, if you don't get a NROTC/AROTC scholarship, make sure you look at which college only require FAFSA versus those that also require the CSS Profile, which is required for top tier schools. FAFSA will only look at your custodial parent's...
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    Buying Pensacola duplex after commissioning? Recommended?

    I wonder why he didn't just rent it out?
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    Interested in Notre Dame NROTC? Attend online informational Meeting

    Please join us for an another informational Zoom meeting on Tuesday, 29 November at 2000EST! Our current MIDN will have a brief presentation and then open the floor to questions so please bring all your questions about NROTC, the application process, Notre Dame, or college life in general. This...
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    Why haven't I got results from October ROTC Board yet?

    If you had the PMS interview on 10/21/22, but the first board convened on 10/17/22, then it would appear to me that you missed the cut-off for the first board and would be going before the next board. You could always try reaching out to the ROO at your top school to see if they can tell you if...
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    SCOTUS Affirmative Action decision could affect Service Academy and ROTC

    Yes, there would certainly be a mismatch, and from an intellectual standpoint I know this would not happen in reality. I suppose it is more of the conceptual idealism that I like.
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    SCOTUS Affirmative Action decision could affect Service Academy and ROTC

    I was having a conversation with my DH about this and he mentioned the same thing to me. He asked if I would be in favor of mandatory service for all and I told him that I actually think I could get on board with this concept, rather than a draft per se. In looking at this topic online, it...
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    SCOTUS Affirmative Action decision could affect Service Academy and ROTC

    I have no idea if this is unique to our country. Does anybody else know if this tendency is the same in other countries?