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    CGAS Prep School

    Soooo true! There were LOTS of tears, but honestly most I saw were pride! We have it’sa big hug, and told him we couldn’t wait to hear what they were doing! I gave him a notebook, and really enraged him to write about his time. If nothing else it’s funny to reminisce with! I think THE hardest...
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    CGAS Prep School

    We kind of already knew, because he was a recruited athlete. Certain sports tend to go to certain schools, even though the coach said it didn’t matter if he played…grades are the priority! I think they told us for sure in late May. We dropped hI’m off at 7am (Drop off by group) They had guided...
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    CGAS Prep School

    If any CGA prep parents have questions, I’m happy to help. My kid is currently at GMC. ☺️
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    Sunday question...while admissions office closed.

    We never needed the OFFICIAL birth certificate until the day we dropped him off (And he had to take the official BC, SS card, etc) Copies were simply xerox copies of the original.
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    CGAS Prep School

    My DS got his. GMC, as expected ☺️
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    To previous USCG Scholars..

    We attended AEP a week ago. CGAS reporting date will be 7/11. They also said packets will be going out this week. It seemed they were trying to wait until they had a few more that accept. :)
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    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2026 USAFA Appointment Thread

    It's happening! Portal updated...DS offered Prep School :)
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    Chatter, Congrats & Questions 2026 USCGA Appointment Thread

    DS medical waiver approved...took 1 1/2 months...he has CGAS
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    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2026 USAFA Appointment Thread

    As the wife of a combat veteran…we learned ‘no news is good news’. It definitely doesn’t make it easy though! 🤣
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    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2026 USAFA Appointment Thread

    So, by comparing past trends, we should be hearing a LARGE batch of decisions soon? Thoughts on why 26 is trending lower than prior years?
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    Waiver granted to USNA!!

    We raised a glass to Mr. Mullen last night too! USAFA waiver granted, still waiting on another, but we took it as a HUGE win for our child! CONGRATS!
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    CGAS Prep School

    Are there any other CGAS for 2023 who are waiting on medical waivers to process?
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    CGAS Prep School

    Thank you! LOL! there's 4...
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    CGAS Prep School

    rpistoria - will you PM me too? I do not have the capability yet :)
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    Medical disqualification

    Is the prep school evaluation different than the straight appointment? Or would they just be giving time to see if the medical ‘issue’ is truly a factor?
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    The Wait

    We just got the Prep Academy call. Feel very blessed, and utterly relieved. Never give up!