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  1. eljay60

    I am in ROTC but having doubts about if I want to be an officer or enlist after college (ADVICE PLS

    What makes you think you would be in charge of an infantry platoon? There are platoons of tank mechanics, cryptographers and cooks. If you like ROTC and the Army isn't flipping the tuition bill, use another year to decide, stay in your ROTC class, and see if your opinion changes. You are...
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    Questions about NROTC and AFROTC

    No clue as to the NROTC, but AFROTC is given to you and is not connected with any school. You can use it at a college you listed on your application or at a cross-town community college in Hawaii. I'm surprised ChemE isn't considered a Tech scholarship in AFROTC - contact the recruiting...
  3. eljay60

    FY19 NROTC Regular Selection Board Processing Day

    We live in a rural area; for NROTC a petty officer came up from downstate and gave the PFT, then he was interviewed in his workout clothes via Skype on the petty officer's phone. This was not for the Marines. The new thing in interviews is to ask for examples - so if your child says they are...
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    AS250 - How do I prepare for Field Training and catch up with my peers?

    Hi - tried to PM you but you don't have enough messages. You might not want to identify your detachment - people try to stay anonymous on the board, and depending on the size of the detachment it makes you easy to identify.
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    NROTC but not Navy

    If you can I'd apply for both: 1.) Either way you end up an active duty Naval officer. Whether you will be working as a Chemical Engineer for the Navy depends on the needs of the service. I'm not sure what the knowledge turnover is in chemical engineering, but will anything you learned in your...
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    Dropped AFROTC... What Next?

    I would be surprised if any service would waiver a current asthma diagnosis. I was told they became more stringent during the first Gulf war, when people who had no symptoms since childhood had debilitating flare-ups in the Kuwaiti desert from the dust and unfamiliar allergens. It's hard to...
  7. eljay60

    AROTC scholarship transfer

    There is a regulation for this - my kid is in the process of doing it. Be transparent with both detachments; you need permission and a recommendation from the losing unit to do this, and permission and acceptance from the CO of the receiving unit. Also, you need your new school to confirm you...
  8. eljay60

    I’m losing hope in myself. Please help? Advice?

    You need to read, period. I'm not talking about study related, or AR reading, or any assigned reading whatsoever. Read novels, short stories, biographies, whatever floats your boat (or flies your plane, in this case). Read the Player's handbook for Dungeons and Dragons or Rommel's...
  9. eljay60

    AROTC File Completion and Interview

    I'm not sure if they can have their own requirements, but when DS interviewed with the AROTC, they had him redo the PFT at that time (he had already taken it before he arrived). Seniors are allowed 'college days' to research campuses - we took his interview day as one of those.
  10. eljay60

    AFROTC scholarship inprocessing

    In my son's school the office sent me (computer generated) bills but when I called I was told to ignore them. Eventually the cadre sent a list to the registrar and the scholarship was applied. However, check with your college!! Only the registrar's office at your college can tell you the...
  11. eljay60

    Bun advice

    I think they are using the wikipedia definition: "A lock of hair is a piece or pieces of hair that has been cut from, or remains singly on, a human head, most commonly bunched or tied together in some way. " So it is just regulations regarding braids and ponytails. For thick, straight hair, a...
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    Bun advice

    So I wonder if they'll let guys have a small ponytail? Historical precedent says yes....
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    Someone paid for my son's lunch

    Yep, people are more likely to pay for your meal when you aren't near a base - because it isn't a daily occurrence to see the uniform. As a reservist I had people pay for cinnamon twists for our table at Taco Bell; 10 bucks of gas in my car; and on one memorable occasion, our entire table's...
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    ROTC scholarships and the GI Bill

    Does anyone know if a 4 year ROTC recipient decides to enlist after Freshman year and not continue college, are they eligible to earn the GI Bill? I know if they fail to meet the conditions of the ROTC contract they are not, but if they did meet the conditions Freshman year but decide to delay...
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    Hair for Females

    If your hair is straight, look at a layered pixie cut with long sideburns. The length in front helps you get used to the lack of hair behind. Something like this worked for me.
  16. eljay60

    Coach recommendation

    DS had a better relationship with his JV coach than his varsity coach. All of his recommendations were done by the JV coach.
  17. eljay60

    "Is This Any Way To Run An Army? Stoned?" Rolling Stone Magazine, November 1968

    Amen and amen. I could never get that thing to look right, since as a medical reservist I only wore it a few times a year. As a female with fine, straight hair, any attempt to adjust it made it slide right off. The field cap was so much better. I even preferred the garrison cap to that d@#^...
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    "Is This Any Way To Run An Army? Stoned?" Rolling Stone Magazine, November 1968

    I was in the service at that time; a lot of the people who were repeatedly sent was because they had an in-demand skill set. My unit (an Army reserve combat support hospital) was used to bring deployed units up to strength and backfill active duty people who had deployed. The docs, nurse...
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    "Is This Any Way To Run An Army? Stoned?" Rolling Stone Magazine, November 1968

    Very well put. There is a reason that today's blockbusters feature enemies who are aliens, robots, isolated loners or described as 'extremists' - instead of regular ol' humans from a different continent. It's tough to maintain idealism when the opposing side can provide easily accessible...
  20. eljay60

    High School Awards Night

    I asked last year, but my DS got no recognition whatsoever at his awards night for his AFROTC scholarship - which was unfortunate for the publicity it could have generated. But the counselling office basically said "we have too much to do already without adding something new" (class of about...