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    Navy Flight School Q and A

    Since this forum is slightly more "anonymous" than the Facebook pages...I have a question for the OP or anyone who has had experience with debilitating airsickness. My DS is in flight school (Primary - about 5 flights short of solo) and continues to have very serious issues with airsickness...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    My 2021' Grad had very similar standardized scores. He did have a 4+ GPA. He did get the Principal Nom from our MOC. I planned a European vacation over I-Day because I didn't think there was a snowball's chance. He got the Principal Nom for a reason, as did you. My "understanding" (now) is...
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    PS Questions for '27

    Love this thread and Panda's enthusiasm and attitude! Sounds A LOT like my DS. He's a 21' grad a SNA in Primary Flight School. We talk 2-3 times a week. MANY times, it starts with, "Now, Mom. You might think this is a bad thing...." but he stresses the lessons learned and the value of...
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    How does USNA notify you of appointment?

    Our MOC staff contacted us on the home phone about 6:00 pm. Too late to call back. DS woke up the next morning to a message on his portal that he had an Appointment! I just remember sharing that moment with him. "Well, I guess I know where I'll be going!"
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    If I may. I found these VERY VALUABLE Service forums 1 week after my DS received his Principal Nom from our US Congressman. In hindsight, I am so glad I didn't know about them before that. This process is intense. The Forums are intense. My DS had not requested a nomination from more than 1...
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    As a 2021 Grad Mom, I'll throw in a few thoughts. husband and I had planned a European Vacation with and to visit family and friends. (Quite honestly, we knew whilst planning this would interfere with I-Day - thought, "he'll never make the cut, keep planning!") Well, he did. My son...
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    Navy Flight School Q and A

    Thank you so much! This is really helpful. My '21 did FAM1 yesterday (first ACTUAL flight in the T6, I think). I haven't heard from him but I think his days are getting longer.
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    Naval Academy I-Day Retired Uniform Question

    My son had I-Day in 2017. My parents drove from California to Annapolis to be there for him (My Father was a retired Navy Captain-Chaplain, in the Reserves). He wore his UNIFORM with so much Pride. Yes, it had to be altered. My dad was a BIG influence on my son, his only grandson, to apply...
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    Very sad news - Midshipman dies during PRT

    Talked to my Mid before he knew of this...he was explaining the difference in new push-ups (cadence) vs. sit-ups and planks. He's not a super-star athlete, but did his best 9:30 on the 1.5 mile. But SO much sadness, shock and disbelief to this youngster (same age as my 2C) whose life was cut...
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    With Honor and Courage

    I did not have the privilege of knowing this fine Officer. But reading about his bravery and the ultimate sacrifice he gave has had me in tears, sporadically, all weekend. We send our "kids" to these SA's saying we know what they are committing to, but times like this, frankly, I'm a coward...
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    Upward Trend

    My DS had a similar situation in that he was kind of nonchalant about grades as a freshman. When he realized, "Hey! I can do better if I do my homework!" He quickly started climbing the GPA ladder. He took as many AP classes as he could and finished with a 4.35. Funny though, as you...
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    USNA Summer Seminar Results

    Call it luck, call it a "coincidence", call it a blessing. I truly don't care. His experience at NASS helped him in his MOC interview, as it showed a TRUE interest in the Academy. I'll take every coincidence that happened in his case. My youngster is THRIVING at USNA and I have never been...
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    Uniforms at funerals/memorial services

    Flash forward. He texted me and asked if he had his "suit" available at home. It was a bad day for me. I explained that his cousin (by marriage) would be wearing his uniform (Army, I know...but yet, a uniform). Suddenly it was better because he wasn't the only one. It did seem to be that...
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    Uniforms at funerals/memorial services

    Reaching out to the greater minds here. My DS (Youngster at USNA) will be attending the Memorial Service for his grandmother (my mother) soon. Thankfully, he only has to leave 1/2 day early due to the service being held during his spring break. His grandmother was NOT military. His...
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    USNA Summer Seminar Results

    I don't think my DS heard until April or May...and Session 1, so I think he probably got a slot someone else gave up. We are across the country so I do believe the "marketing" aspect of it. I think the biggest benefit is to see if the student likes the Academy "life". Most of these threads say...
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    Ireland - Navy Football Aug 2020

    Hoping and praying we can go! Our DS 2021 will be a Firstie at this point! And with TON of relatives in Edinburgh, Scotland - we'll be making a 3 week vacay of it! Naemind the expensive packages...airbnb, luck and a savvy business/airline sense will save you $THOUSANDS! Be...
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    Plebe Parents Weekend

    Fast forward and you'll have the BEST memories of PPW...and be planning for 2C Parents' weekend! GONAVY...Amazing family you are getting ready to join! Airbnb for PPW - best idea! PM if you have any questions.
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    What does the appointment update look like?

    We actually had a land line the Congressman's Staff called on. Left a message to return the call (which he did...only to receive a voicemail at 5:10 p.m.). He was dying to call the next day in the a.m. but Mom had checked the portal and he was Fully Qualified Offer of Appointment! He got up...
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    Is a principal nomination worth anything?

    My DS was the Principal Nom from our Congressman, and was advised so in a letter. Still, we waited 2.5 (painstaking, CPR appropriate) weeks before confirmation he had received the Appointment. I had read these threads enough to know and believe nothing is a "sure thing" or "100%" until the BFE...
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    Summer Seminar

    COMPLETELY, 100% agree. First and foremost, if you are really interested in applying but do not know too much, hopefully you will get enough of a "taste" to know if it's a fit, or NOT. I spoke with my son at NASS Session 1 in 2016 and on the first night he said, "Mom, I am a broken man -...