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  1. Thunderbolt462

    Experience working in USAF after graduation with AFROTC scholarship

    It's a job like anything else some days, and unlike anything else other days. I've had some awesome experiences and some truly terrible experiences. Met some amazing people and some not so great people. There have been plenty of moments where I've thought about what life would have been like had...
  2. Thunderbolt462

    Concerns about mental health for our cadets/grads

    I sought mental health counseling in UPT and had no issues continuing training. Commissioning sources like USAFA are much more strict, but the regular Air Force is rapidly changing how they treat preventative mental health care. The worst I've seen recently was someone getting grounded for about...
  3. Thunderbolt462


    If you're using cannabis products to treat a medical condition, I can almost guarantee you won't pass the DoDMERB medical exam for admittance into King's Point. Also, the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 requires mandatory drug testing for "mass transit" workers, including...
  4. Thunderbolt462

    Does it look bad if you apply to only ROTC and not the academies as well?

    No impact. I didn't want to go to the Academy and the recruiting officer conducting my interview actually saw that as a plus in his book (not that it would have hurt my chances if I had also applied for the Academy). ROTC cadre love the ROTC program and in most cases probably commissioned...
  5. Thunderbolt462

    What are my options?

    Another question. Why the Citadel or Embry-Riddle? Yes, they're both great schools, and from what I understand SMCs are slightly favored for Army active duty allotments, but it's not like either is going to make you a noticeably better officer. If you've visited the campus and have real...
  6. Thunderbolt462

    Dropping NROTC scholarship

    It all depends on the situation. If it's medical for depression, he may not have to pay anything back. If it's academic, he may have to pay all of it back or enlist. The best course of action is for him to consult with his leadership.
  7. Thunderbolt462

    How much does a cargo/tanker pilot travel in the USAF?

    New C-17 co-pilots travel a crazy amount. Like 200+ days per year in some cases, depending on the base. I have friends that were flying the Kabul evac mission within months of finishing initial qualification, and even the ones that didn't have already been to 20+ different countries. My old ROTC...
  8. Thunderbolt462

    which branch is best for me to get a pilot slot.

    Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve are literally the Air Force, but part time. Same jobs. Same planes. Same mission. Same training. Just different bases, and you don't really move every four years like active duty. Coast Guard is its own thing. Helicopters and some fixed-wing turboprop...
  9. Thunderbolt462

    Book recommendations

    Company Commander is fantastic. So is If You Survive by George Wilson. I also really enjoyed: The Good Shepherd by CS Forester What it is Like to Go to War by Karl Marlantes Young Men and Fire by Norman Maclean Bones of My Grandfather by Clay Evans East of Chosin by Roy Appleman The Liberation...
  10. Thunderbolt462

    NROTC more strict than AROTC?

    Nothing wrong with an observation, but a lot is formed from your very limited experience. I'd ask, what percentage of the Army cadets are prior enlisted/SMP in the guard or reserve? It's usually much higher than the other branches. No point making them drill and march for recognition if they've...
  11. Thunderbolt462

    Pilot help needed!

    I'll send you a direct message with my thoughts.
  12. Thunderbolt462

    Pilot help needed!

    Active duty pilot, but commissioned through ROTC. What's up?
  13. Thunderbolt462

    Anxiety medication

    You made the right call. My mom made sure I knew to get help if any mental health issues ever manifested themselves due to a family history. Sure enough, they began to pop up on active duty as a result of some external factors and a stressful training course, and because I knew to get help from...
  14. Thunderbolt462

    Anxiety medication

    Disqualified forever? No. Disqualified for the immediate future? More than likely. Only DoDMERB can make the final determination, but she's probably going to need some time off the meds to prove she's good to go, and by that point she may be out of college already and need to apply for OTS or...
  15. Thunderbolt462

    Seeking advice on my son's school choices - Olympic Swim Trial Qualifier

    The Academies are going to train your son as an officer first, and an athlete second. A public school is going to put all their effort into making your son the best athlete they can be. CGASDAD is right. If your son's #1 goal is to be an Olympian, the Service Academies are not the right choice...
  16. Thunderbolt462

    NROTC Scholarship: pause a semester

    I'm not an expert on how the Navy would deal with the school transfer, but I know an ADD diagnosis or depression diagnosis as a midshipman will more than likely result in loss of scholarship until the issue is resolved. You might have to do some serious soul-searching to realize that if these...
  17. Thunderbolt462

    Should I do Army or Air Force ROTC (Urgent plz help!)

    I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but attending a school with the potential for 180K in debt and banking on an ROTC scholarship is a terrible idea. What happens if you get injured after sophomore year and get booted? What happens if you show up at the wrong party and get in legal trouble...
  18. Thunderbolt462

    will I be disqualified? - previous asthma diagnosis

    Did a medical professional diagnose you with asthma? If the answer is "yes," then putting "no" on your DoDMERB would be an incorrect statement. Have your medical records ready, especially anything showing you have never had symptoms and that the diagnosis was made based on family history and the...
  19. Thunderbolt462

    College Choice

    If you can afford both without taking out massive student loans, pick which one feels most like home after visiting the campus. They're both excellent schools, so I honestly wouldn't sweat the academics or ROTC side of things, but more the general student life. I know ERAU really likes to hype...
  20. Thunderbolt462

    is USNA familiar with CAP awards?

    Hey, fellow Spaatzen! I don't think it'll be a big deal, but I ran into a similar issue with AFROTC when right before commissioning they reviewed my records and saw I hadn't been marked down as receiving my Mitchell because I had only told them I earned my Spaatz award. Also, @jaglvr 's story is...