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  1. beatkp

    Truth or not? - Football

    I know of a few CG players went aviation out of school, but the main contributing factors were eyesight & class rank.
  2. beatkp

    Truth or not? - Football

    Mike Toop would promise the world to get a D1 prospect to play for him. If your son’s competitive at the AFA, would he enjoy playing at a D3 level? The ultimate goal is not playing football anyway. If you literally want to see his eyes light up… tell him that you talked to Coach George at the CGA.
  3. beatkp

    Bears Football VS MIT

    Go to MIT Football site, select schedule, select video... look's like you have to pay a fee to watch.
  4. beatkp

    A must read

    Coast Guard Deserves More Than a Thank You
  5. beatkp

    Billet Night Tonight!

    And a few disappointed firsties last night, with 14 FLIGHT SCHOOL slots cut this year, only 7 get to go to PENSACOLA. Word on the street has it that 2011 will only have 2 slots open.
  6. beatkp

    A must read

    I don't believe the congress passed the FY2011 budget yet... Papp shouldn't propose any cuts in the CG mission until he actually becomes commandant. From what I understand Homeland Security budget increases 2% for FY2011... for what?... 200 million dollars for security in NYC for four...
  7. beatkp

    A must read

    My rant was relating to the article “U.S. Coast Guard nominee would reduce terror hunt”… reading through the lines, anything that was emplaced to support US strategic objectives at home and overseas for the war on terror will be cut, gone. Since other agencies can do the job better, eliminate...
  8. beatkp

    A must read

    If one doesn’t believe that the Coast Guard be negated to becoming the ‘US Lifesaving & Buoy Tender Service’, they should request that Papp be asked this during his confirmation hearing: DO YOU BELIEVE THAT? "The Coast Guard, as established January 28, 1915, shall be a military service...
  9. beatkp

    "Not your father's coast guard"

    Here are a few excerpts from a new Coast Guard book "Not your father's coast guard" written by Matthew Mitchell. It seems to cover some interesting stories that wasn't widely known about the sea service. "CHAPTER 1 “THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER’S COAST GUARD.”: THE ANTITHESIS OF STANDARD...
  10. beatkp

    WTC bombers trial in NYC

    Checkout the aurgument that Captain Glenn Sulmasy (CGA Chief, Law Section Professor) gives on Creating a Security Court in the New York Times. Coast Guard Professor Debates Use of Federal Courts to Try Terrorists 11/16/2009 Attorney General Eric Holder announced Friday that Khalid Shaikh...
  11. beatkp

    Unit told to remove armor from vehicles!!

    The 17th Regiment attached to the 5th brigade, 2nd Infantry Division from Ft. Lewis Washington. The 5th Brigade arrived in July to augment the Canadian force and reclaim lost territory. This unit operates in the Kandahar Region. Yesterday a soldier attached to the 17th Regiment was KIA in...
  12. beatkp

    Decisions, Decisions

    Yes, with whatever you can finagle (maybe parents will help with a Christmas, Birthday, following year Christmas, following year Birthday etc. Present loan) with balance due in April. The 2nd class year is expensive: Class Ring, Coast Guard Sword & Accessories, Dress White Uniform, Spring...
  13. beatkp

    Decisions, Decisions

    The class of 2011 cadets picked out and ordered their Academy Rings today. I heard everything ordered from a $4500 emerald stone set to one cadet who didn’t order anything. One of the most popular ring types seemed to be the traditional appearance with dark blue Topaz stone, medium antique...
  14. beatkp

    Coast Guard football goes national on homecoming day

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Does anyone know where to find a rerun of the clip "Coast Guard football goes national on homecoming day", some of the players would like to see it. They didn't have a clue who the guy with a camera filming them...
  15. beatkp

    Luigi-PFE @ AIM

    AIM PFE was submitted to admissions automatically back in 2006, i guess it would be the same now. I believe my cadet remarked on PFE score sheet application section that he had had a passing score at AIM. Score of 234 is plenty unless one have a weak sports resume.
  16. beatkp

    After Acceptance

    The US Naval Academy used the term "naval cadet" in the 19th century while the Revenue Cutter Service (predecessor of Coast Guard) had midshipman. Towards the turn of the century the name naval cadet was then changed to midshipman at Annapolis. I believe it would be hard to exactly determine...
  17. beatkp

    H1N1 at CGA

    'Warning, Only Rumor'... One of the theories was that it was carried by an AIM participate that previously went thru the AFA summer seminar 'Warning, Only Rumor'. Who knows? But I believe the other viral infection thats going around knocked out more cadets & swabs then the swine flu.
  18. beatkp

    H1N1 at CGA

    Since it hit the news circuit I guess it's safe to post this here, 8 confirmed cases of H1N1 were verified at the academy. There has been another bug that isn't swine flu that has been laying up cadets for about 3 days at a time. My source said that Chase Hall is clean and disinfected like a...
  19. beatkp

    Horses at Oceana NAS?

    ^^^ Fort Riley and I believe Ft. Carson also have mounted parade units.
  20. beatkp

    R-DAY 2009

    Just two... A group starts the first week then goes on three weeks leave while B group takes over, after mystic first group finishes out swab summer. AIM cadre are tasked with all three weeks, while CGAS cadre only have two duty weeks.