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  1. TX_USA

    What should I decide?

    Boys state. I actually know a few classmates here at USMA who didn’t even get into SLE, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get to go. Honestly my candidate overnight visit was the best and most informative thing I did for USMA before arriving on R-day.
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    should I attend SLE along with NASS?

    I did the same thing two years ago. Look at my bio to see which one I ended up at.
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    West Point question

    I also got an AIAD abroad this summer, I’m taking the aiad. It was pretty hard to land an aiad, let alone one abroad as a plebe, plus it’s still a grad requirement. Also, there’s no guarantee that he’ll be able to get on that trip again if he decides to only do AA this summer, but I would say...
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    iPad- incoming cadet

    You are not issued them, but I use mine every day for notes and highly recommend. You can use the regular Wi-Fi here to connect them
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    Son said there is some big announcement coming Thursday.

    I thought I’d pop over from the army side… We as well are having a brigade wide brief at USMA over gender relations at the service academies, I believe it is at all of them this Thursday, all staff and cadets are required to attend. So don’t worry too much about it, there was a lot of rumors...
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    All Things Beast Barracks

    Getting smoked is a term for having to do push ups and other exercises for messing up. As much as I thought I could avoid it, you don’t. Every form of correction is done to improve the new cadets, so it’s really not that big of a deal. My push up numbers actually increased almost 20 from the...
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    All Things Beast Barracks

    I will say, knowing a few things going in made the task a little less intimidating. You don’t need to know anything, you’ll have time to learn it, but knowing a few of the longer ones, or at least being familiar with them helped ease the burden a little bit, and I was also able to help my squad...
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    All Things Beast Barracks

    Schofields definition of discipline arguably was the root of the worst smoke sessions of beast, mainly because it was requested frequently, but also because many found it very difficult and long to memorize. Learn it now if you can, or at the very least don’t be the guy that slacks on knowledge...
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    Serious Dilemma

    First of all, y’all are in the wrong thread… Second, having an appointment to USNA is amazing, awesome job! If you really want to be marine ground, put your mind to it and do everything to achieve that goal. …with that said, not getting in the first time is not uncommon, like at all. I’d...
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    Travel preferences for incoming new cadets going to R-day (West Point)

    From a plebe: Have your parents go with you on R-Day. I am not the first in my family to attend an academy, but the last time a family member did, they opted to have the rest of the family stay home and fly out alone, and said they always regretted it. The night before R-Day was not one that...
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    Our processing/Separation

    I know I’m a little late, but feel free to reach out if you need someone to talk to, as one of your classmates.
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    when will i get my appointment?

    As a cadet, I can’t stress enough to not worry about getting an loa, especially to those who have yet to hear anything at this point. Most of my peers never got one. Some hadn’t even ever heard of them. Besides, they don’t necessarily mean you’re some stellar gift from the Lord either. I...
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    when will i get my appointment?

    Hey, to give a helpful response, it took about 2.5 weeks to get the call from the congressman after having 3q, loa, and nom last year. I got my nom on the 23rd of Dec, so Christmas probably slowed a few things down. Had a few friends with similar timelines.
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    National Guard Operation Opportunity?

    There are actually a lot of my classmates here that did this option and are doing amazing. Some did it to help get them another avenue to get into West Point, some joined and then decided they wanted to go after they were already in. Regardless, there are many cadets here who would recommend...
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    Currently C/O 2026, ask away

    My Sure, My academics I would say was my strongest part. I superscored a 1500 for the SAT and had a 4.0. I will say though, at USMA there are many cadets who have very similar, and even better scores and grades than I did. I was involved in school athletics too, and held a few leadership...
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    Currently C/O 2026, ask away

    Hey, I saw another thread doing this, and I remember these threads being really helpful when I was a candidate. Feel free to ask any questions about USMA.
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    Dangerous Essay topic?

    Great question, it’s great to see that you’re being careful and meticulous to submit the best package possible. But I will say, here is the best advice I can give for service academy applicants to all academies: Do not try to make yourself look like what you think will look good for an...
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    A- Day Hotel and Travel Limit for Cadets

    I believe we have to go back to the academy to sleep even on A-day weekend. Please fact check and correct me if I am wrong on this one.
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    Denied From SLE, Is This The End?

    Even on the contrary, Got into SLE and NASS, Senator nom in Texas to navy, straight A’s, 1490 sat, tons of leadership and extracurriculars, 3 varsity sports…didn’t receive an appointment to usna. However I did receive an loa and appointment to USMA. You really can never tell with the academies...
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    Hey! Do you have Snapchat or group me? There’s a couple group chats I can add you to

    Hey! Do you have Snapchat or group me? There’s a couple group chats I can add you to