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    Time to throw in the towel

    Our West Point 2020 did not get any offers after graduating high school. Had Army and AF ROTC scholarships, offers at several schools. Turned it down (with much hand wringing by me) to self sponsor Northwest Prep. Busted his butt and got offer from WP the next year. USNA and USAFA did not...
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    Important Dates for 2019-20

    Your plebe will not be able to spend will not be able to spend the night with you Saturday night. We stayed in Fishkill with our 2020. In addition to decent dining options, the Walmart was nearby. The plebes are allowed one electronic item. My 2020 and his roommates decided who was going to...
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    Self Prep?

    My 2020 was a self-prep to NWP. His ACT/SAT scores improved dramatically. He finished somewhere btwn #3-5 in the class. In his class was someone on their 4 th application to WP and made it into the class. I think improving your test scores and academics will perhaps best improve your...
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    TWC - Qualified - but no room

    My 2020 was very upset when turned down senior year. Turned down scholarships (Air Force and Army ROTC) with much fear and trepidation of his parents. Self sponsored to NWP. It worked for him. No guarantees, I'd love to spend time in the admissions office and just observe.
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    Optional insurance

    My DS selected the lowest amount, no need to spend the extra money. He can raise it at any time. After he graduates and has a family and a need he can bump it up.
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    Best place to stay overnight for different events?

    For our 2020. A-Day our 2020 pretty much slept and ate. My wife washed his nasty laundry, and while she complains about it, I think in some way she felt a comfort in it. Several moms in our hotel was in the laundry room chatting because our cadets were sleeping. R Day(July) - Stayed in...
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    No classes on Wednesday’s

    Spoke to my Yuk Tuesday. Said the Comm has changed the class schedules, extending classes on other days, not sure all the details, but basically they are re-allocating the times classes start/stop, etc....
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    In complete disbelief...

    My 2020 is from So Cal and competitive. West Point was his dream since he was 8. He did not get in his first attempt. Had some teachers tell him they did not think he had the academics to survive the academy. Had scholarships and ROTC scholarships, but no prep school offers. Self sponsored...
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    Hotels for R day and A day

    Fishkill for Aday worked. Near a walmart and my 2020 went shopping there for things he needed for his room. He loved the red line diner. Little bit of a drive. Aday stay close if you can
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    3rd attempt at applying to the USMA

    There is a cadet in my 2020's class who got in on his 5th attempt. There are other commissioning routes, if it's your dream to attend WP, don't give up
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    R-Day air travel question

    We booked the flight for our 2020. He/she will also get reimbursed for one night hotel fare. Our 2020 took the receipts and during Beast he filled out the paperwork. Money was deposited into his account about 2/3 of the way thru Beast and he paid us back at R-day
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    Joining the Military with a juvenile record advice/help

    Regardless of whether sealed records can be accessed or not, when a background investigator contacts family/friends/relatives and asks if there's ever been criminal activity...if you answered "no" because the records are sealed, and someone answers 'you know there was that one time..." will DQ...
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    IHG Hotel Five Star Inn or Bldg 785

    We stayed at Holiday Inn Expresses in Montgomery (not Ft. Montgomery, there is a town of Montgomery near Stewart Airport) and Fishkill. Both are off I84 and about a 30 min drive to WP Thayer Gate. Fishkill was nice for Aday since a Walmart was nearby for my DS to buy supplies. Book early...
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    Plebe Parent weekend

    Ditto. DS is majoring in physics. Got to meet staff there and a math prof. Evening dinner was outstanding, meeting fine young men and women. spring break is going fast. I could not be more impressed with the staff at WP. Are there problems at times, of course anywhere human beings inhabit...
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    4th of July at West Point

    We were dropping off our 2020 at the Thayer turnaround after spending time together parent weekend. It was right before they strike the colors for the evening. I was busy getting junk out of the trunk we had bought in town for him when I saw him snap to attention in the direction of the colors...
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    Prep school

    My DS was self sponsor to NorthWest Prep in So Cal, he raised his SAT/ACT scores significantly and is a 2020, but there's a lot that go into an appt and why some are selected and others not is something only admissions knows.
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    When is A-day and PPW?

    My 2020 appreciated being away from post in Fishkill, about 30 min drive north. There were some good restaurants and a Walmart to get stuff for his room.
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    the 2020's were issued a Dell, not sure what the 2019's got. My DS states the Yuk's don't care for it. Regardless, your DD/DS will get whatever is issued and every cadet will have the same.
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    DON'T BUY A LAPTOP!!!! Our 2020 was issued a laptop. They require a specific laptop, you must enter your id card with embedded chip to log on and access. Any other laptop will be a paperweight. Most of papers DS submits are electronic, so if you can't access the network from the laptop...
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    USMA Class of 2021 R-day and Acceptance day dates

    Our DS is a plebe and we've made the journey from So Cal 3 times (R-Day, A-Day and Parent Weekend in October). We stayed in Fishkill at the HI Express. Very nice. It's about 30 min away, which is a drag taking DS to and fro. DS liked the distance away from the Academy. The Red Diner and...