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    That time of year again...chancing!

    Plankton has been wanting to get his hands on the Krabby Patty secret formula. There's enough Academy stats out there so we have an idea of where applicants stand. Complete the application and you have a chance! If you want to increase your odds (still no guaranteed appointment), do your best to...
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    USAFA admissions: languages

    DS applied in 2016 with Latin and received a TWE on April 17, 2017 w/o any mention of "due to Latin". Well, DD was also interested and took Latin and is applying for a 2019 appointment. Has anyone heard of someone actually being declined due to not having completed modern foreign language? TIA.
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    When should I start my application?

    Ew3081, what's the status of your application? Share some good news! I'm back after my DS was declined in 2017. My DD started her application this month and is now in candidate status and her nomination was received. We wish all the applicants good luck!
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    For Those Awaiting an Appointment/TWE

    Ok, thanks, we did the same thing but no scholarship, congrats again!
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    For Those Awaiting an Appointment/TWE

    RickD, Huge Congrats! You DS may be first TWE to BFE this year in this forum. Just curious, did your DS contact USAFA Admissions upon receipt of TWE? Let's hope they send out more BFE after TWE. I think they had 6 or 7 last year.
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    TV Commercial

    I was just curious why or how this thread has 6 pages. Now I see. To me commercials are there to increase awareness, increase interest and/or increase participation. Increase diversity? I say yes based on this web page...
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    Finally Got the E-mail

    Good luck at UND. My DS also got the TWE last Monday from USAFA and he is going to the UCF engineering which is about 7 points lower national ranking compared to ERAU but more affordable for our situation. His goal is to join the AF via AF ROTC.
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    What to Work On For Reapplication

    Awesome record! That's a whole lot of very hard work getting all those accomplishments at a young age, Bravo Zulu! You'll get in. It is the SA's loss if they don't offer you an appointment and join the SA that you have your heart set on.
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    Finally Got the E-mail

    DS received the TWE from USAFA last Monday. We are sad but life goes on especially with UCF Engineering and AFROTC. I hope my DS would reapply. I think right now he doesn't want to think about it which is ok. We are giving him time and space to get over this. Best wishes to those who have...
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Yours and many others have such excellent credentials but despite that, the admissions board determined they do not fit the whole person criteria needed for the 2021 class. Painful to take but they have made their decision. We and many others also got the TWE. Not much else to do but move on...
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    For Those Awaiting an Appointment/TWE

    TWE today for DS, we are all sad but only for a while. We learn from this, move on and Plan B is good to go. Even though many are called but few are least we had the opportunity to compete. Thank you to all in this forum for the tips, replies, info, opinion and advice. Best of luck...
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    Flying First Class

    Follow the rules even when no one is looking but in this case when everyone is looking.
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    To accept or not to accept

    OP, you should have applied to the USNA only since that's what you were set on. I think you won't enjoy USMA; make it easy on yourself and wait for good news from USNA and go NROTC for Plan B then reapply for Plan C. Good luck!
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    Feeling Undeserving of Appointment

    Zeno, you should post limited info in the USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments thread.
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    Feeling Undeserving of Appointment

    Congrats on your appointment! There's more to your application package than just GPA and ACT. You met USAFA's criteria for whole person concept and would be a good fit for this year's class. How did you know you barely scrapped by 1 point on the CFA? What are you hoping to major in? Your...
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    Do Not Dismiss The Liaison Officer Interview!

    Christcorp nailed it again, thanks for the useful/helpful info! ALOs are the eyes of the USAFA admissions board; I would say their report is at the very top of every application and could put a record in the no pile, yes pile or maybe consider pile.
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    For Those Awaiting an Appointment/TWE

    The academy may issue a limited number of waivers but until you receive a decision, there is still hope. April and May is the schedule when the academy sends out most of the TWEs, PS and FF offers. We are all hoping they continue sending appointment offers. My DS is also waiting...
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    Amount Of Candidates Left

    This is why the high SAT/ACT shouldn't be the end all be all indicator for success. My DS was declined by a FL university but we think he would have had a better shot if the applied earlier; we were on the wait list so they were more selective. I was a bit surprised when they said DS can't...
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    A few Principal Nominees waiting in April, why the late notification from USAFA? One would think it would be easier for them to make a decision. My DS and 2 others in their school are waiting for a decision as well. Good luck to all still hurrying up and waiting! What are the appointees doing to...
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    Proceed to Plan B or Wait?

    maskry, Ours is up in the air...waiting for a decision from USAFA. We put in a deposit for our DS's Plan C ($200 school, $200 dorm) since Plan B was declined by Univ of FL. It's for peace of mind, we are moving to FL and $400 is not much compared to a SA acceptance but could be significant if we...