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    Advice for 2021 from a Current Cadet

    Are we allowed to bring items that aren't on the portal's "To-Bring Checklist?" I'm thinking things like compression shorts/spandex, a hairbrush and hair ties (not on the list for whatever reason...), etc. Just want to check before I pack this type of stuff, just for it to get taken away!
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    Appointee Tour Dress Standard

    From past experience, what is the dress expectation for the appointee tours? Lots of walking involved, so I want to make sure I'm dressed to their standards, as well as accordingly with the events of the day.
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    benton23/Self/No LOA/November 30, 2016/CO District 6/Representative Mike Coffman
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    Admissions portal down?

    When they fix this, they ought to slide in some appointee kits... take care of two issues at the same time! :)
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    Appointee Kit

    Not sure... I don't have mine yet either. Hoping to see it in there soon though!
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    AP Testing

    Hi all, I've been trying to decide if it's necessary for me to take AP tests this year. I took AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, and AP Lang last year and did well on all 3, and am currently enrolled in AP Statistics and AP Lit this year. I've received mixed answers from people I've asked...
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    Appointee Kit

    Thank you!!
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    Appointee Kit

    Does anyone know when the appointee kits for class of '21 will be pushed out? Thanks!
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    Medical Status Changed

    I received this notice on my portal awhile back as well. You should've gotten an email from the Admissions Team that has the password. Hope this helps!
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    Airmanship and the Wings of Blue

    What type of preparation could an incoming cadet be involved in to be more competitive for the Wings of Green/Blue teams?
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    Basic Cadet Training

    Oops, typo. Meant to put June there.
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    Basic Cadet Training

    I report for BCT on July 29th, so I'm starting now in my preparation for those crazy weeks. Any insight or advice people can give on what to expect, especially physically? I understand that there's no way to be 100% perfectly prepared for what will come, but my ALO stressed the importance of how...
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    What are my chances?

    Looks like there was no need for me to worry/stress... Got a call from my Congressman (the one who nominated me) congratulating me on my early appointment! He beat the USAFA in informing me. Thanks everyone for your words of advice!
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    What are my chances?

    Thank you! That's what I've read online as well, that they wouldn't bother with the waiver if I wasn't competitive for appointment (according to DoDMERB site). My class rank is 1 of 482 unweighted, 25 of 482 weighted (top 5%). My ALO has said that my evaluation is very strong, so hopefully that...
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    What are my chances?

    39 foot basketball throw, 1 pull up (I know... That number is pretty sad), 9.9 second shuttle run, 78 sit-ups (average), 50 push-ups (max), 7:17 mile (above average)- also, if it's important to note, I'm a girl. I'm not an all star athlete (as you can probably tell) but my ALO was saying since I...
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    What are my chances?

    -35 ACT (perfect scores on math and science) -1420 SAT -4.15 GPA -heavy AP and honors coursework -tons of participation in leadership through church and school (president of past youth group, vice president of current youth group, etc.) -intramural volleyball for 2 years I completely understand...
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    What are my chances?

    I've received a medical waiver for some past issues I had, as well as a nomination from my Representative, both to USAFA. With the two of these, is there any way to know my chances of receiving an appointment to the academy? Thanks.
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    West Point Disclosure Notice?

    I was trying to access my online USMA application portal, and received a notice (attached file). Wondering if anyone else has seen this? I even tried opening my portal in an incognito window, and nothing changed.
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    Nomination Interviews: What to Expect?

    I will be attending three separate congressional interviews for potential nominations, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to expect at these interviews? Is it similar to, for instance, the USAFA ALO interview (in terms of question types)? Anything anybody has regarding the...