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  1. Army82_90

    What movie(s) have you watched multiple times and would keep watching again and again?

    Going back a bit more in time... Twelve O'clock High - Gregory Peck. The Great Escape - Too many great actors to list in this one
  2. Army82_90

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    First post ever! Thought it appropriate. Maple Bacon Jam. Maybe in an earlier thread, but decompressing in Bald Head Island while my son is at swab summer, and couldnt resists. You folks rock!
  3. Army82_90

    Chatter, Congrats & Questions 2026 USCGA Appointment Thread

    Looks like the movement has started again, AO called DS this evening with appointment. Good luck everyone. Btw...he's not a recruited athlete. And applied 2 days prior to deadline day.