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  1. THmom

    Cheaper vacation . . . Italy or Hawaii

    Been to both several times. She’s Italian heritage and never been? That’s a no-brainer. And to Sicily, if possible. You can DM me if you’d like and I can offer up my knowledge and help (I’m on West Coast, too.) But without a doubt, Italy ALL THE WAY. Her 50th is about celebrating HER. Let...
  2. THmom

    Do Parents Typically Attend Advanced Camp Graduation?

    Thanks for all of this! Would you say to also stay the night of graduation, too, therefore 3 nights? How does grad day go, as far as their release?
  3. THmom

    Anxious and Stressed: Possible Solutions to Nervously Waiting For Appointment

    I would recommend meditation. Seriously. This practice will help you in the next chapter of life, as well.
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    Not sure about all minors, but I do know that if you take classes (perhaps that lead to a minor) in certain languages, it can add points.
  5. THmom

    ROTC ARMY Med/Eye Exam Questions

    Have DS check his spam folder.
  6. THmom

    Army ROTC Questions

    Check your junk mail for DODMERB message! It often goes there!
  7. THmom

    Waiver Request Status

    A couple years ago, my DS received the same letter in October but won a 4-year AROTC on the 2nd board. Waiver request was automatically submitted on his behalf and was granted. Don’t lose hope.
  8. THmom

    Dickinson. Interesting about BRADSO. I’d asked him if he was going to do it, and he gave me...

    Dickinson. Interesting about BRADSO. I’d asked him if he was going to do it, and he gave me the impression that someone in cadre or an officer mentor encouraged him not to. Not sure why. Where did your DS do PGO? Mine went to Kyrgyzstan.
  9. THmom

    Hi there! I saw your post about your son’s background, and mine’s is very similar, only he’s...

    Hi there! I saw your post about your son’s background, and mine’s is very similar, only he’s currently a MSIII. Can you tell me if your son branch detailed, and if so, to which? Why or why not? Thanks!
  10. THmom

    IB Classes

    Your school may offer your family financial help. I’d take the tests. If not for USMA, scores may be helpful for plans A, B, C.
  11. THmom

    Best ROTC programs

    I love that the Army War College is right there (cool benefits to that) and that it’s the host school.
  12. THmom

    Medically Disqualified ? Experiences

    Do you have X-rays and confirmation of degree(s) of scoliosis curve(s)? They are going to want doctor’s confirmation and possibly letter. (My DS has scoliosis and is AROTC 4-yr winner.)
  13. THmom

    Medical DQ & Waiver Declined

    Apply AROTC. My DS had scoliosis surgery and USMA didn’t request waiver. He received a 4-yr on second board and waiver was approved.
  14. THmom

    CFA Score

    Have you compared with posted targets? I’d say you’re good.
  15. THmom

    Want to fly for the Military? Consider investing in a Class 1 Flight Physical early and on your own dime.

    Really good idea. Would Class 1 also be right for Army, ie helicopter AND fixed wing?
  16. THmom

    CLIP-B is alive and well....

    Not sure if this is still valid, but according to page 1, I’d guess so.
  17. THmom

    CLIP-B is alive and well....

    UPDATE: DS got his CLIP-B pay!
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    Got this from DS yesterday and thought I’d share, for those inquiring minds.
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    Project Go

    My DS went to Kyrgyzstan last summer as a rising MSIII and 4-year winner. Another cadet who also participated from his batallion was surprised he got it since he hadn’t done the domestic program first. He had, however, been studying the language for years and had already lived abroad twice.
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    Haven't started DODMERB

    You should have received an email (check your JUNK) shortly after you were awarded the scholarship.