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    Toleration Question?

    Yeah I would say it depends on the school because at the Citadel it's: "A cadet will not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do." And they take it seriously.
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    VMI Chances????

    i got in this year with a 3.3 and a 29 on ACT and i applied last minute if this helps and your extracurricular activities sound really good imo
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    Palmetto Battery

    I am most likely attending the Citadel next year and I was wondering if anyone here has some information on Palmetto Battery because it seems like it would be awesome to be a part of but I don't really know much about it. Thanks!
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    USMA 2021 Class Motto

    semper fidelis HAHAH
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    I want to graduate high school already

    I want to graduate high school already
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    NROTC Marine Option Scholarship

    No, I'm scared now that I didn't get it.
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    NROTC MO Application Status

    mine still says recruiter level but i thought the board already happened is that bad
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    NROTC Marine Option Scholarship

    my coordinator said the middle of March so I'm really scared ha I'm in the 1st district too
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    Is it possible to switch an NROTC 4 year scholarship to Marine Option?

    As everyone else said, you can apply to switch, but I just want to let you know it's not called MROTC. It's still NROTC but it's just Marine Option. So usually people say NROTC MO Just so you know how to refer to it
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    Hey everyone, my scholarship coordinator always puts R/S under his emails and I was wondering what that meant. I didn't see it in the acronym list. Thanks :)
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    Second NROTC officer interview?

    Phew okay thank you
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    Second NROTC officer interview?

    okay, thanks
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    Citadel to USNA

    Hey I am 99% going to attend the Citadel next year and hopefully with an NROTC Scholarship if I end up getting it (I'm a high school senior right now) but I probably will be applying to USNA next year after Knob year. So I was going to apply to USNA but when I looked at the website I ended up...
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    Second NROTC officer interview?

    I also got a second interview for mine but now I'm really worried because they didn't like automatically sound like they were giving me it and I didn't do extra paperwork stuff, only for the first one, but my second one was over the phone because I live 2hrs away from the place. So do you guys...