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    Recruited Athlete?

    I don't think service academy athletes officially participate in signing days - I think you can have a ceremony but maybe it's just D3 schools don't have a letter of commitment like D1 schools so it's not really an official signing day
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    Not playing a sport

    I have a real problem with any cadet from any service academy quitting their sport for any reason except for an injury or if they were struggling and needed to concentrate on academics. This quitting on the team shows a lack commitment and makes me question what they will do when things get...
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    USCGA Class of 2026 Appointment Thread- Self Updating

    #16 fully qualified has accepted
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    Waiting for waiver?

    Update. My son told me he has been medically qualified. Looks like he doesn't have to go to plan B 😜
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    Waiting for waiver?

    My DS is in the same predicament. He submitted the last of the AMI this week for something we shouldn't have had to deal with because he filled out medical forms wrong now we are jumping through hoops. Plan B is a terrible plan but he wanted to be responsible so it's his mistakes to make
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    Incorrectly completed medical history (dislocated Vs sprained)

    Thank you. My DS isn't on this forum but said he sent the email. I thank you for whatever assistance you can offer him.
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    Incorrectly completed medical history (dislocated Vs sprained)

    Is it possible to correct medical history after submitted? My DS has reached out to the DODMERB contact on his correspondence but hasn't heard back. He incorrectly said he dislocated his shoulder two years ago but in reality it was only sprained and didn't require any medical attention. Now...
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    Acceptance question

    DS received a package from the academy with information regarding uniform purchased and all kinds of other items. He was accepted EA but hasn't received his medical waivers or at least it hasn't been posted Is it normal to receive this stuff before being fully qualified?
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    Deferred applicant scheduled for review

    With the late waiver was your son still able to got to the academy or did he have to wait a year to get in? My son has been accepted to Coast Guard and is recruited to play a sport but he needs a waiver. Last communication my son told me the academy is already considering the waiver but I am...
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    Question about awaiting remedial

    The Dodmerb website shows status as awaiting remedial but the dates are weird. The overall status says awaiting remedial but there isn't anything posted about what is needed and and nothing was sent. The awaiting date says 1/1/01 The most recent postings on the portal have dates of 1/18/22 and...
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    Process flow

    Just so I understand the process flow. You schedule exams Physicians send documents to Dodmets Applicant gets status of exam paperwork on Dodmets Once CIV team reviews information it's sent to Tricare Applicant gets status of medical evaluations on Tricare
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    CGAS Prep School

    Here's a dumb question. If you get selected to go to prep school is it 100% paid for by the federal government? Also, if you don't get into the academy next year I assume the credits transfer to another school so you wouldn't repeat freshman year??
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    recruited athlete ???

    I am reaching way back but have first hand knowledge about this. I was recruited to play soccer at West Point back in the late 90's and the academy and coach played a huge role in securing an appointment/nomination from my congressman. I personally never met him prior to receiving a nomination.
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    The Wait

    Sorry to hear. My DS is also a baseball recruit. This upcoming season is going to be the first real season since COVID and under coach Casey.
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    4/c at CGA. Ask any questions!

    That brings up a good question. Is baseball at CGA considered a spring sport? Do cadets participating in baseball actually have a traditional spring break or are they doing team activities?
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    4/c at CGA. Ask any questions!

    How does spring break work for the 4/c?
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    Chatter, Congrats & Questions 2026 USCGA Appointment Thread

    General question - I know this is a hypothetical since not everyone offered a spot will accept and some won't make it through medical but what would happen taking the class of 2025 numbers is all offered accepted and the target size was 285? The class offered was 393
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    Chatter, Congrats & Questions 2026 USCGA Appointment Thread

    I should also mention that the coach also contacted him with the news.
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    My DS submitted his EA on the last or 2nd to last possible day for EA and received conditional acceptance on 11/21 or 11/22. I would have to look back in the 🐻 den. He is a recruited athlete so don't know if that bumps up the review time
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    Chatter, Congrats & Questions 2026 USCGA Appointment Thread

    The decision letter was posted in his Bear Den. I will admit he had told me about it before today I just didn't know if he knew exactly what he was looking for so I asked him for his login information