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    Service Academy exchange programs?

    Possibly because they wanted to earn an Army A* to go with their Navy N* , earning one , then the next year earning the other. The NCAA allows this. Had to be a fall sport——soccer. Cant remember his name though.
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    USAFA Boxing While the NCAA may not sanction boxing any more others do.
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    Hey! I need some help...

    “current HS senior” This I missed the first time thru. This makes it more tricky even if you are a recruited player. If you were mine and I knew the SA coach would love to recruit you for the following year——I might consider suggesting a gap year. A year of hockey prep coupled with academic...
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    Hey! I need some help... Another to consider. One coach might be really interested and one might not be interested at all. Considering more than one increases your chances.
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    Hey! I need some help... Navy it seems has a d1 and a d3 (club?) program for mens hockey. That might be why Army Navy did not play in the schedule above.
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    Hey! I need some help... Something you don’t often see a full season of Army games and not one against Navy.
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    So who watched the story on 60 Minutes about the Navy's readiness tonight? We don’t want to pay more , as a country we don’t want to serve. The problem is us not China. We as a country have become greedy fat and lazy. And the problem is not Walmart shoppers buying cheap China...
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    Hey! I need some help...

    If you end up being recruited by a SA for hockey your stats above will be seen as outstanding, Way better than my two recruited knuckleheads that did get in.
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    Hey! I need some help...

    Consider having your club coach reach out as well, And while you want the USMA I’d suggest considering others as well. If you end up being recruited for hockey or any sport by a SA this become a whole different issue and a totally different thread.
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    Bad War Movies

    when it opened they had medical people in the theaters near me at least for,people that were over come . And they needed at least some of them. Overwrought overcome people. in the first few opening scenes I started to sweat . Especially the first 10-15 minutes it felt like being back on the...
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    Hey! I need some help...

    Are you good enough to be recruited by a SA d1 hockey coach? If so your 3.4 gpa should not be a major issue. And if so why just one SA? If you are not a d1 type of recruit my guess is that a year of really good college grades in a year of college STEM classes will be what you will realistically...
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    So who watched the story on 60 Minutes about the Navy's readiness tonight?

    Maybe we should be less obsessed with paying as little in the way of taxes as we can and just pay for the needed improvements with taxes. Our lack of willingness to serve , as a nation , and our unwillingness to pay for others to do what most in the country will not, is our own worst enemy...
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    Navy Cross for Korean War Pilot

    Labels? I am sure the 1.5 million Americans that had to be drafted to serve in our military felt better about the labeling. Eager?——the American troops were there long before the Chinese troops were. Maybe we should have stopped when the president told the US Army to stop, and they did not...
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    Navy Cross for Korean War Pilot

    Over 1.5 million US troops that served during that war were also “not really volunteers” since they had to be drafted to serve during a time of war .
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    USMMA Historical Painting Defense 22% of Americans go to some type of church service weekly. Not Christian’s but Americans who might be any number of different religions. We are hardly a religious country. And maybe that is what the founding fathers...
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    Accepted but injured - How do I respond?

    Lots of top sports recruits pick a SA. Not as many as the SAs would like. But a lot. And many of these sports recruits pick a particular SA because of the coaches or the sports program. These are big time D1 sports programs at the SAs. And they require a lot of time the regular students do not...
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    Accepted but injured - How do I respond?

    Figure out what you are going to be doing next year. IMO it’s not going to be a SA and it’s not going to be Prep School based on you not wanting prep school And you not being offered prep school. Prep school is not a choice for the student to make as such it’s an offer from the SA for the...
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    Accepted but injured - How do I respond?

    You won’t be playing your sport anyway. You will be rehabbing. The last one I saw—-April surgery for a really fit d1 recruit for an ACL. Rehab an entire year plus , almost every day, without playing. Shows up at pleb summer, well over a year after surgery, spends much of pleb summer limping...
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    Stand and Fight …. No one gets out of this World alive

    “That did not work out well” IMO for one reason——-12/7/1941 and then Germany declaring war on U.S. right after. Those America First and like minded folks who thought we should not be fighting Germany lost their voice shortly after Dec 7 1941. prior to that they had a strong voice. And who is...